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Why your finance team needs automating | Contractbook
By automating your processes in the finance teams, and aligning them with other areas of the business it is possible to be fully in sync in your organization.
Your tech stack needs for your office space rental
Renting office space from a modern business perspective requires a a focus on your tech stack.
Sales reps are to be helped by machines, not replaced by them. Sales reps have a lot of skills that machines do not have and vice versa, they compliment each other.
Why workflow automation is effective in business
Workflow automation is a vital pillar of digital transformation. It can be as simple as choosing your software.
What managers should know about Generation Z work ethic
Who is Generation Z, what is their work ethic like, and how can you organize the workspace to suit their work ethic? Read all about Generation Z right here.
What is the gig economy and its benefits and challenges?
Gig economy is a free market where companies and contractors agree on mutually beneficial, short-term working relationships.
What is the gig economy and its benefits and challenges?
Gig economy is a free market where companies and contractors agree on mutually beneficial, short-term working relationships.
Automated document generation | Contractbook
Automated document generation is relevant for all businesses using documents. Read more about why you should use automated document generation.
Why finance automation is a must for your business
How have your business processes evolved in the last few years? To what extent has tech automation gone from being a "nice to have" to a "must-have"?
Why does company culture matter now more than ever?
What is company culture? And how can you make sure it is created, thrives and is adhered to? Get some primers right here.
Why PDFs are bad for business | Contractbook
PDFs do little but add friction to every step of your business processes. Find other software solutions at Contractbook.
What part will automation play in the future of work?
While people continue to talk about going back to the office, what we should really be talking about is technology, automation, and how we can use it.
What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)? | Contractbook
What is Scaled Agile Framework? And how does it work for software development? Take a look at get our guide.
What is telecommuting and remote work? | Contractbook
What exactly is telecommuting and remote work? And how do you make the most of it? Read on, to learn more about this way of working.
What is document automation and how does it help you?
Document automation has the potential to save you time, as it includes the entire lifecycle of a contract. Get to know how you can benefit from using document automation tools.
What is natural language understanding? | Contractbook
What is natural language understanding? Here you can read more about how it works and ideas on how to use it in your business
What is a digital signature and why should you use it?
What is a digital signature, how are they created, and what is the benefits? Read all about digital signatures right here in this blog post.
What is internal communication? | Contractbook
What are the driving forces behind internal communication in 2020? Read more about it here, and how it can impact the succes of your business.
What is artificial intelligence (AI)? | Contractbook
What's going on with AI? Find an AI definition and examples of how artificial intelligence is a part of your life right here.
What is compliance technology? | Contractbook
What is compliance technology? And what roles does big data, artificial intelligens, and machine learning play in compliance technology?
What is Commercial Software? | Contractbook
What is Commercial Software? And what separates it from open source? Let's find out!
What is Big Data, and why does it matter? | Contractbook
What is big data analytics and what can it do for your business? Here you can find answers and much more to this question.
What is a living document? | Contractbook
Living document, dynamic document, evergreen documents. The principle behind is a document that is continually edited and updated. Learn more here.
What is a digital certificate? | Contractbook
The future of work will see our businesses increasingly reliant on technology to deliver automation, flexible working options, and security.
What are chatbots, and how do they work? | Contractbook
What is a chatbot? Read on to find out where you meet them, how they work and what it means for the future.
What are the benefits of invoice automation? | Contractbook
What is invoice automation, and what are the benefits? Read all about invoice automations right here in this blog post.
What does it mean to be data-driven in 2021? | Contractbook
Are you curious as to what being a data-driven business means? In this article, we present six things to focus on if you wish to be data-driven in 2021.
What are eSignatures and what are the benefits?
What is an eSignature, how does it work, and what are the benefits? Read all about e Signatures right here in this blog post.
What are Smart contracts? | Contractbook
Smart contracts are a prime example of contract automation. We take a closer look at how smart contracts can and will make your business run more smoothly.
Digital document sealing in your business | Contractbook
Document sealing has been around as long as documents themselves; evidence of their existence stretches back over 5,000 years.
Top 20 automation companies in the world right now
Get to know the top 20 automation companies in the world, and how you can use their products effectively in your business.
Top 10 legal technology start-ups | Contractbook
By using software from legal technology start-ups you can get access to the latest tech innovations. See the 10 top legal technology start-ups here.
Top 10 time tracking software | Contractbook
What's the best time tracking software? We've gathered a list of the best software for keeping track of time spent and billing
What are the jobs of the future? | Contractbook
When it comes to jobs of the future which ones will actually stay? Read all about jobs of the future right here.
The effectiveness of business process automation
Business process automation (BPA) is a vital part of the broader discipline of digital transformation. Get to know more about the effectiveness of business process automation right here!
The Future COO and business automation | Contractbook
What is a COO, and how can a COO optimize the workflows for the future of work? We have written all you need to know about COO's in this blog post.
Essential Tips for Increasing your revenue | Contractbook
Upselling is a sales tactic that tries to get customers to purchase an upgraded, more expensive, or premium version of the item they are considering purchasing.
How to get your way: the art of negotiation | Contractbook
Do you wish to be an expert negotiator? Here you can learn much more about diffrent types of negotiating styles, and common negotiation strategies.
Smart contracts without blockchain | Contractbook
Embracing automation will have a significant role in the process towards digital transformation, which can include working with smart contracts.
Steps to building trust with contracts | Contractbook
Building trust is essential for a longlasting and good working relationship. Here are 4 essential steps to building trust with contracts.
SQL vs NoSQL: What is right for 2021? | Contractbook
SQL vs NoSQL - here you will find everything you need to know about the two databases.
STAMBZ: Securing sales a few questions at a time
By asking questions we learn more about the subject and the more we know the more we can use that information to our own benefit. Knowledge is important, knowledge saves time
Six must-read legal tech blogs | Contractbook
Stay up to date with the latest news and knowledge about legal tech. In this blog post we recommend six must-read legal tech blogs.
Sales force automation: how to increase sales | Contractbook
Sales force automation allows companies to improve the efficiency of the sales teams. See the best tools right here!
Contract management in the tech industry | Contractbook
Are you looking to grow your tech company? Find out how to achieve scalability and growth using contract management in the tech industry.
Scale contract management in scaleups | Contractbook
Scaling goes much smoother when you’re efficient. Here’s how to scale contract management in fast scaling companies in five simple steps.
Contract automation for sales efficiency | Contractbook
Would you like your salespeople to perform better? Here’s how to improve sales team’s efficiency by 30% through contract automation.
How to win at sales through sales process automation
Everything you need to know about sales process automation - why is it important and how do you succeed with it.
Sales: How to identify the Time Thief | Contractbook
How to you avoid spending time on selling to someone who is not interested in buying your product or service? Read how you identify this time thiefs.
What is a sales dashboard? | Contractbook
What is a sales dashboard? And what KPI's should be on it? This article guides you in the joys of sales dashboard for your company.
What is a sales commission? | Contractbook
Sales commissions are a tested and true method in many businesses. But how you structure it varies wildly. Find inspiration here.
ROI of contract lifecycle management tools | Contractbook
Are you looking to make a smart investment and boost your bottom line? Answer these questions to calculate the ROI of contract lifecycle management tools.
Are remote workers a good or bad idea? | Contractbook
Are remote workers a good or bad idea? Read our guide to find out how to create and maintain a remote working culture.
Cracking the code to SaaS sales | Contractbook
There is serious windfall in the SaaS industry. Find out how to get going with SaaS sales right here.
RevOps: Ensure multiple departments are on track
RevOps aligns multiple departments so having the right systems in place is vital to ensure that they are in sync with each other.
Remote work and the future of work | Contractbook
What do remote work and the future of work look like, and how can automation help? Read all about remote work and the future of work in this blog post.
Remote onboarding - tips for onboarding and managing remote
Understanding the importance of remote onboarding and being able to effectively manage the process is a key in today's world of digitalization.
Remote team building activities | Contractbook
When working geographically away from each other, remote team building activities will help strengthen the relationships and improve productivity
Why your finance team needs automating | Contractbook
Accountants are number-crunching cyborgs. Finance departments need to catch up.
The importance of remote collaboration in a post COVID world
Managing remote collaboration is important, due to the pandemic, thus lockdown restrictions and the increasing tendency to work together remotely.
Optimize CRM and billing/invoice workflows with Contractbook
How does Contractbook enhance your workflow when used in conjunction with your CRM and billing/invoicing platforms?
What is legal technology? | Contractbook
What is legal technology, the myths and benefits? In this blog post we will define legal technology and answer all of those those questions.
LuggageHero use Contractbook to sign deals on the go - how?
LuggageHero use Contractbook as their solution to singing deals on the go. How do they sign at scale?
Legal tech development – how has it changed?
Legal tech development. How has it evolved, what are the future trends, and can you use it in your practice?
JavaScript vs Python: Key differences | Contractbook
Javascript vs. Python? Which one is right for your team and your needs? Read on to discover.
Is the open door policy dead? | Contractbook
What is the open door policy at work like in the digital age? Here we take a close look at the open door policy and how it can solve problems.
How to write up a business plan | Contractbook
Need help writing the perfect business plan? Check our step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan.
How to write a business proposal that works
Finessing how to write a business proposal is crucial. Read on, to find our step-by-step guide on what to include in your business proposal.
How to write sexual harassment policy in 2020
How to draft a good company sexual harassment policy and what is the best practices for enforcing it? Learn it right here.
How to work from home: how to optimize your productivity
Working from home can be hard. Get to know the top tips of managing a home office, including leveraging the benefits with no effects on output.
How to Scale Sales & Partnership Contracts Using Automation
Learn how you can scale your business' sales and partnership contracts using automation that removes issues such as human errors and manual work.
How to create eSignatures | Contractbook
eSignature has become a valuable asset for modern-day businesses. Read this article to find out how they work and how to create yours.
How to lead your company through unstable times
Every company must realise that we are living in unstable times - an age of discord. Here is what you must do to prepare for it.
How to increase productivity with remote workers
COVID-19 has caused concerns about maintaining productivity for remote workers. Here are tips on how to achieve it!
How to layout a contract with legal design | Contractbook
Legal design will help you create better and higher-value contracts. Get an insight into how to implement it right here.
How to improve cross functional teamwork? | Contractbook
A cross-functional team has members with varying skill sets, all working towards a common goal.
How to improve your team communication with Slack
Team communication is essential for an engaged and productive team. Improve the communication at work with Slack.
How can you appeal to millennials as an employer?
The days of simply advertising your job opening and people coming running are long gone. How do you attract the best people to come and work in your business.
How to choose the best CRM for your business | Contractbook
CRM software helps you to manage your interactions with your leads and customers. A CRM software has the potential to supercharge your business growth.
How to choose the right digital business strategy?
Digital strategies have become more important than ever. In this article, we guide you through the process of choosing the right digital strategy
Legal technology solutions for law firms | Contractbook
Read the guide about the different types of legal tech solutions you can use in your legal practice right here.
How long before machines can write your contracts?
Are we nearing the dawn of fully automated contract drafting or reach the point where machines can write our contracts?
How Burd Delivery automated employee onboarding for scale
Since joining forces with Contractbook, Burd Delivery, has streamlining their recruitment by automating their procedures allowing for consistency.
How can the legal profession embrace innovation?
What is legal innovation, and how can you embrace it in your legal practice? Read all about legal innovation right here in our blog post.
Enhancing Your Sales Process with a Sales Pipeline
What exactly is as sales pipeline, and how can you use it to enhance your sales process. Read on, to learn much more about a sales pipeline and how it works.
How and why is office automation beneficial for the future?
The future of work will primarily be built on office automation. Transforming processes, creating automated workflows, and taking repetitive work away
How to encrypt emails and software to use | Contractbook
How do you encrypt emails? What software to use? It's a maze to find your way through. Luckily, we've got the map right here.
Four ways that contract automation facilitates finance teams
Finance teams facilitated by automation are able to use their time more strategically via tasks, automatic invoicing, integration and triggers
What is BATNA? Find the key to successful negotiation
What is a BATNA? In this article you will find everything you need to know about the concept of BATNA and why it is important in the art of negotiation.
Essentials of office automation | Contractbook
Office automation is the process of data moving around your business without any human intervention. Get to know the benefits & essentials of office automation.
Effective IT automation systems | Contractboook
IT automation allows you to set up instructions for completing repetitive tasks, which can make a significant difference and save you time and money!
Digital signatures accelerate the sales cycle | Contractbook
Did you know that digital signatures accelerate your sales cycle? Find out how they can do this through five real-life business examples.
Data analysis software: The best 6 in 2020 | Contractbook
If you find yourself overwhelmed by big amounts of data, we are here to help. Read on, to learn more about the best data analysis softwares.
Design tips for your proposals | Contractbook
The graphic design of your proposals have a significant influence on your leads. Here is 8 tips to write better proposals.
Contractbook Automations: Gmail Importer | Contractbook
Contractbook Automations: No more OMF-Gmail frustration with the Gmail Importer
Contractbook Automations: Task Management | Contractbook
Well in the world of contracts, automated contracts to be exact, you don't need to do anything yourself with Contractbook’s task management automation.
Contractbook Automations: Mass contract sending for the futu
Whether you are new to Contractbook or a seasoned pro the odds are you came here because you want to know how we can save you, time, money, and those human error induced headaches.
Contract management vs. Contract administration
Using the terms contract administration and contract management interchangeably is very common. Get to know the difference here.
7 Contract Management Problems with using PDFs in Sales
If you want your business to thrive, think long and hard about the tools you use. Here are some of the key problems with using PDFs in sales.
Contract management basics for tech scaleups | Contractbook
Make sure your rapid growth phase ends in success. Learn all about the most important contract management basics for tech scaleups.
Collaboration tools: 5 tools to ensure efficient teamwork
Looking for the best collaboration tools? Here are 5 tools to ensure efficient teamwork.
What are company values? | Contractbook
Good company values are important for a business. Here you will find inspiration to develop authentic and inspiring core values.
Best payroll software for big and small businesses
Turning old payroll processes into being automated by using payroll software has big advantages for all businesses.
Best Automation Software that automates tasks | Contractbook
Automation software is software that automates your business processes, giving you time to focus on higher-value tasks.
Best HR software to streamline processes | Contractbook
HR software can help you win back time to focus on your employees. Here you will find six tools to help streamline your HR processes in 2021.
Best CRM software for small businesses | Contractbook
What's the best CRM software for small businesses? That depends on your needs. Read our guide to figure out how to grow sustainably.

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