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May 30, 2022

10 fantastic no code development platforms

10 fantastic no code development platforms
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10 fantastic no code development platforms10 fantastic no code development platforms

If you want to build a successful online business, then fully embracing tech is a must. The great news is you do not need to be a tech geek or a tech lover to build your business! You might not even need to spend too much money on developers!

That all might sound too good to be true, but you can make it happen thanks to no code development.

What is no code development, and why does it matter?

When it comes to no code development, the clue is very much in the title!

No code development means anyone can create and connect applications through graphic interfaces and configurations regardless of their programming knowledge or capability. No code development platforms mean you do not need to use coding yourself, or even hire a developer.

The availability of no-code platforms has been a real game-changer in the tech world. No development platforms make tech more accessible and intuitive than ever before. You do not need any technical knowledge or expertise to get started. Anyone with an idea can build an app!

Are there any drawbacks to no code development?

Not from where we are sitting, although we should recognise the potential drawbacks identified by others.

Some people in the tech industry criticise no code development because it removes the need for expertise. Bugs can still occur (after all, there is still code deployed in the background), and critics say it isn't sustainable to have a wealth of apps and programs run by people lacking technical expertise.

Others question whether no code development is truly a tech trend, or merely a fad. The direction of movement on no code development suggests it is here to stay. In any case, if no code development stopped being so popular, the apps built in this manner would still be usable!

Top 10 no code development platforms

Now we know a little about no code development, it is time to look at ten incredible platforms that will help you build and deploy a vast range of applications.

1.     Zapier

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Zapier might just be the ultimate in no code development!

On a personal level, the fact their message is to “work smarter, not harder” resonates as it is something I have used liberally throughout my life, and the time you can save using Zapier is frankly ridiculous.

What do you use Zapier for?

You connect your existing apps – code free – to consolidate your key business data in one place and get more from your tech stack.

If you use more than two apps to run your business and are not using Zapier, productivity gains await!

2.     Webflow

Image result for webflow logo

Throughout this article, I have used the term app when talking about the benefits of no code development. Webflow brings the benefits of no code development software into website design and creation.

How much time and money do you throw down the drain with designers and developers who just do not get your brand and what you want to achieve? With Webflow, you can make it happen yourself.

3.     Appy Pie

Image result for appypie logo

I promise you I have not chosen Appy Pie just because I love the name!

Appy Pie claims seven million app builds using its platform. That is quite the claim, but with outstanding reviews and a flood of industry awards, I was willing to take them at their word even before I tried it for myself.

While the main focus is on app building, you can use this platform for many functions, from website design to task automation, chatbot creation and deployment, and creating a live chat platform.

4.     Airtable

Image result for airtable logo

Whatever function and workflow you need to implement or improve in your business, Airtable will help you make it happen.

Although Airtable bills itself as a “low code” platform, if you use their templates you can create incredible looking apps and operations by doing little more than clicking, dragging, and dropping.

My favourite aspect of Airtable is that it is designed to evolve with your business. You can start on a small scale and then seamlessly scale up when your business grows and demand increases.

5.     AppSheet

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Some huge global companies use and trust AppSheet, and it is not too hard to see why.

While AppSheet is intuitive and easy to use, they provide users with an eight-step guide to building an app, ensuring you do not miss anything out and gather all the data you need before getting started.

Best of all, the AppSheet website gives you a range of examples of industries and specific business functions for which you can build apps.

6.     Outgrow

Outgrow is a highly specialised no code platform that will revolutionise your marketing!

You can take advantage of hundreds of pre-made pieces of content, templates, and even pre-designed user journey funnels that are ready for you to use and optimise.

With Outgrow, you can design a range of marketing initiatives and assets and either run them on a standalone basis or embed them into your website, app, and EDMs! Build quizzes, forms, surveys, calculators and assessments to help you gather data and find high quality leads quicker, with no code!

7.     Quixy

Quixy is another fantastic tool that can help you automate a range of business processes and workflows. I would pick this out as the no code platform to use if you have tried using things like CRM and project management platforms and have been unable to find a setup that works for you, even when you have taken advantage of all potential integrations.

8.     Ninox

Ninox is slightly cheaper than Quixy, but no less powerful, and is another fantastic platform that lets you build tailor-made apps to deliver your business processes. The winning feature of Ninox is how it guides you to think about integrations when building different apps. So, say you are creating a suite of apps to use in your business for each department, and you want to ensure they can integrate to give you a full overview, Ninox helps you make it happen.

9.     SurveySparrow

Image result for surveysparrow logo

If you want to enhance the experience people get when they use your products or services, or learn more about how your employees really feel about working for you, SurveySparrow is the no code solution you need!

SurveySparrow allows you to create a wide range of forms and questionnaires, from chatbot style pop up surveys to straight up satisfaction surveys. You can also use SurveySparrow to gather word clouds to highlight common sentiments where you ask open questions and automate the sending of surveys so you can gauge progress in responses over time. If you are changing your product in response to customer feedback, knowing whether the changes are making a difference to how they feel is a vital piece of information!

10.  Landbot

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You can save an incredible amount of time – and boost your conversions – by utilising chatbots in your business. While there are some fantastic examples of chatbot software out there, what better way to create a genuinely authentic customer experience than by building your own?

Landbot makes it easy for you to create your own conversational app to deploy both on your website and via platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, optimising your customer journeys and helping them deal with you without utilising any human resource!

Using no code development platforms in your business

No code development platforms allow you to achieve many things for your business. Whether you want to integrate your existing tech stack to get more out of it, or you have decided to commit to the route of building your own apps, it has never been easier to get more out of tech while not using code.

Think about the shortcomings and opportunities for improvement in your business, and about how no code platforms can help you address these.

A mention for ourselves!

I would typically include Contractbook in a list like this, but wanted to keep us out of it this time to tell you a little about how we are making our platform even better.

You guessed it; it involves no code!

We are currently in the process of evolving our document drafter into a no code tool, making it easier for you to create questionnaires which can subsequently be used to provide you with your draft contracts.

Follow our social media channels to be one of the first to learn when this feature goes live!

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