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5 contract integrations for operations teams

5 contract integrations for operations teams
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5 contract integrations for operations teams5 contract integrations for operations teams

Integration can solve many pains when it comes to processes. Admin tasks are laborious, boring, repetitive - think copy and paste - and actually, if someone or something else could automate it we would be all happier, you could concentrate on something rewarding and fulfilling - that Bob Ross YouTube channel will not watch itself. Aren’t you lucky!? Now you can nail your processes, no more copy>paste>repeat snoozefest and fewer errors.

Can you use Contractbook with other apps? ** In the absence of a humorous anecdote ** - Yes! And lots of them.

Over 3000 apps are at your disposal when you are looking to sync up your tech stack. When it comes to assembling teams of superstar players, we are the LeBron James of CLM and integration (If you are a KD fan, change to KD, Kawhi change to Kawhi Leonard). Regardless, build your super team.

Below are a few operations apps that can help you sync, collaborate and execute in the most efficient way possible. The thing with Contractbook is we will help you do it too through our Customer Success Team. We have included a link to Zapier so you can also check how you can hook us up with any of your apps and improve your workflow.

5 Contract Integrations for Operations teams


Function with Contractbook: What a dream combination! Think Jordan and Pippen, LeBron and DWade, Magic and Kareem, or Steph and Klay (if offended by these duos because you are not a Laker, Bulls, Heat or Warriors fan add your own).

When you create a contract in Contractbook you can extract data from Hubspot and insert it directly into your contracts. This ensures accuracy of data, and helps remove copy>pasting, and consequently helps eradicate human error.

What is it? It’s a cloud-based CRM designed to help align sales and marketing teams, foster sales enablement, boost ROI and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more, qualified leads. This means that when paired with Contractbook you have the ability to generate contracts in no time at all by structuring your data and forming billing start dates, date of the price range, and expiration dates. This way you are on top of your milestones.

I’ll ask again. What is it?: HubSpot is a software platform designed to help your company market and sell more effectively.

How it works: Pretty much the first thought is that it is associated with solely sales. Hubspot's tools allow you to nurture qualified leads until ready to pass on to sales teams, a pretty seamless process I think you will agree. With this process, the data you put together can be utilized to generate contracts in Contractbook ready for execution.

Hubspot, as a CRM, provides solutions for sales, marketing, and services all able to integrate with Contractbook and enabling your workforce, subsequently through removing risky processes, removing human error, you are promoting business growth. Take your contacts and build around them right through your business.


Function with Contractbook: As with other CRMs you can structure your data to your needs. Take hold of the data in Salesforce, harness data within your contracts, and match them together. That way you can ensure that you pull the data sets you need into your contracts via Contractbook, and ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the formation and execution of prospective deals.

What is it? A cloud-based CRM system that enables operations functions right the way through businesses. Sales cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud are just three services on offer to build relationships, foster sales enablement, and optimize marketing strategies. This is great for Contractbook because you can extract live data sets and have them placed into your proposals.

I’ll ask again. What is it? A software company that offers operations tools for use across a business.

How it works: Salesforce provides you with fast solutions to multiple tasks. Hook it up with Contractbook and fly. Sales, marketing, and analysis all are facilitated and driven by linking Contractbook and Salesforce. A handy built-in function is Chatter, which enables collaboration across departments. Share knowledge, ideas, and boost productivity even across organizations, quickly, and because you are doing this with Contractbook synced you are in a prime position to get moving on deals.


Function with Contractbook: Utilizing Gmail and Contractbook together is a pretty cool experience. Contractbook has a Gmail extractor that trawls your emails and pulls them through to our solution, meaning no lost contracts, because they are all placed in one central library and ready for you to use.

What is it? Gmail has, well, email, chat, and meetings—all your online communication streams are integrated into one familiar place. It's a powerful home for work, where messages, tasks, and teams come together. It is so good as an integration that we are not sure that anyone has fully discovered everything it can do.

I’ll ask again. What is it? Gmail is email with a difference. That difference is functionality in communication.

How it works: Integrate with your Contractbook and manage your communications smartly and effectively. Choose which method of communication to use dependent on the task or department. Emails are formal, try Chat methods for more of an informal instant message exchange. Or hit Rooms for a more streamlined project focus and collaboration. Or go one further and head over to Meet for face-to-face interaction.

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Function with Contractbook: Building a superteam is no mean feat. A big project to say the least, and for that you will probably need a Project Management tool. Cross team efficiency when linking up with Contractbook is a must. Keep everyone on track through every stage of the project, through every stage of building your contracts and ensure a slick workflow.

What is it? Podio supplies no-code solutions and automated workflows. The feature set includes organizing team communication, business processes, data, and content in project management workspaces according to project needs. Through every step of your project(s) Contractbook as an all in one solution, when linked with Podio, or the project management tool of choice, ensures that you have standard procedures in place, not one step of the process is missed by any team member.

I’ll ask again. What is it? Podio is a project management tool. Podio transforms your project data into one tool to align all content, conversations, and processes into one collaboration point.

How it works: Organize business operations streamlining collaboration and project management.  Through the combination of Contractbook and Podio, you enable flexibility through integration, through workspaces, and through organizations ensuring transparency through collaboration.


Function with Contractbook: When you have secured deals, been notified of renewal in Contractbook, you can take recurring payments via a sync up with Chargebee. Contractbook will ensure that no payments are ever missed, which ensures you have peace of mind knowing that 5% increase year on year is never missed.

What is it? Chargebee is a plug-&-play billing solution delivered on the cloud. You can connect with Chargebee via API and collect payments. A Chargebee and Contractbook hook up provides a robust & flexible system to enable your sales & marketing team to run the right tools for your support team to ensure billing accuracy & a lightning-quick response for billing queries.

I’ll ask again. What is it? Integrate and collect payments.

How it works: You have executed your contracts generated in Contractbook, via data in your CRM, and the use of data in your project management tool, now you need to ensure payments are collected promptly. Chargebee is a simple and easy-to-use software that takes care of all your billing requirements.

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