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A new foundation for your contracts

November 29, 2021

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A signed contract is often a cause for joy. They are a testament to your progress: a new recruit, a valuable deal, the beginning of a new fruitful partnership. 

Yet for most people, working with contracts is not a joy at all, but a necessary evil. It’s not only hard and bureaucratic; it’s frankly boring and worrisome. Contracts make us feel uncomfortable and insecure. Just the thought of doing something wrong that could result in a missed deal, or even worse, a lawsuit against you, is enough to cause sleepless nights and sweaty palms. 

We all know that contracts are crucial to the stability and growth of our businesses, but we just wish that we didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with them, let alone worrying about them. 

That is why Contractbook’s vision is that anyone should feel empowered when dealing with contracts. We want to make managing contracts easy and efficient and we want to simplify and automate tasks related to contracts - for anyone.  It’s time to democratize contracts. It’s time to make you - the small business owners, the startup founders, the busy sales reps, anyone of you who haven’t got support from a hoard of lawyers - feel comfortable managing contracts! 

To realize this vision, Contractbook provides you with a safe home for your contracts; A single, streamlined repository where you always know what to do next and manual routine tasks are reduced to a minimum, so you are always on point, in control and ahead of the curve. We help you utilize the valuable data inside your contracts to create powerful workflows and take the hassle out of contracts.

We call this Foundation. 

We believe that it’s time to rethink how we manage contracts. Contracts are broken - and we are the solution.

Since the turn of the century, most businesses have used PDF-contracts. That was fine when your only goal was to protect content and preserve a printable layout, but PDF’s have a problem; they are terrible if you want to utilize the data inside. 

That wasn’t an issue in the heyday of the PDF when most applications were siloed and data wasn’t accessible between systems anyways. But the explosion of cloud-based applications has ushered in a new era where data is king and the capability to share information across platforms is essential. In our current technological landscape, we need data to be accessible and portable. That is why Contractbook has decided to ditch the PDF and work with a dynamic data format.

Contracts are data. They contain all the most important information about your business. Having this data harnessed and organized in Contractbook makes it easier for you and everyone on your team to get an overview, find the information you need and share it with the relevant people. 

Our data format allows you to pull and push this information, make it accessible in other systems and keep everything in sync. In other words, it enables you to integrate Contractbook with other tools, keep a single source of truth and avoid mindless copy/pasting.

But being able to find and navigate information is not all there is to it. Our approach to data also makes contracts actionable.  

Contracts almost always generate new obligations. When you have reached your new sales agreement, you often need to complete a list of rather mundane tasks. You must update your CRM and notify the right people in your organization about the next steps. Maybe there is an invoice to be generated, a payment to be executed, and of course, some goods or services to be delivered. At some point, you will have to revisit the contract. Should it be renewed? Re-negotiated? Terminated?

By making data points in your contracts easy to access, Contractbook enables you to automate most of these tasks and build self-executing workflows. By automating the work around your contracts, all your manual and administrative tasks will be solved faster and more consistently, so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. Your contracts run on autopilot, so you can focus on adding value to your business. 

As new technologies emerge and develop, our platform will only grow smarter. You will be able to make more complicated workflows, integrate with the latest technologies and the contracts themselves will be capable of making their own intelligent suggestions on how to optimize your work. 

We are building a foundation for the present and the future: An always up-to-date foundational structure that makes managing contracts easier, more efficient, and not to forget, automated - for anyone.

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