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May 30, 2022

All-in-one SaaS: The best five platforms

All-in-one SaaS: The best five platforms
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All-in-one SaaS: The best five platformsAll-in-one SaaS: The best five platforms

Globally, the software as a service (SaaS) industry is reportedly worth a combined $105 billion. Even before 2020 and COVID-19, SaaS overall was already following a rapid growth curve both in terms of uptake and revenue. With many people now working from home indefinitely, use of things like video conferencing software and other remote working tools is only going to grow, and even quicker than before.

The value of SaaS is projected to exceed $140 billion by 2022!

Still, whether you rely on SaaS to run your business or have your sights set on launching your own SaaS offer (or both!), you must be aware of industry trends. SaaS is not just a cash cow!

One of the most significant trends in terms of how businesses are using SaaS is a shift from point solutions towards all in one SaaS. Despite all in one SaaS being around and increasing in prominence for most of the last decade, it is likely to become a "go-to" and first choice solution in the coming years.

What is all in one SaaS?

Think about some of the things you use SaaS for. How many tools do you use? Today, you might only need to use one platform to perform specific functions. If this is the case, you are likely using an all in one SaaS platform.

That is all in one SaaS in a nutshell: one platform for all your needs. Whether it is marketing, contract lifecycle management, customer service, or sales, it does not matter. An all in one SaaS platform allows you to perform all the activities and functions you need to without needing another subscription.

All in one SaaS simplifies your workflow and saves you money.

You might not be able to find a platform that allows you to manage your marketing alongside contract lifecycle management, for example. However, the best platforms are built for integration. This means different departments in your business can easily collaborate and work consistently. You might even find you can bring several all in one SaaS platforms from different niches together!

The best five all in one SaaS platforms

Are you looking to simplify how you use SaaS in your business? Here are five brilliant all in one SaaS platforms to consider using.

1. HubSpot

Not only is HubSpot one of the world's best known all in one SaaS platforms, but it is also possibly the most unique thanks to its collection of features.

HubSpot offers:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Leads and Sales Funnel Management
  • Marketing Planning, Execution, and Analytics

As well as offering an all in one solution for each of the specific functions noted above, you can integrate all of them into one HubSpot subscription if you wish!

Given how challenging it can be to make sure your sales and marketing activity is aligned, HubSpot gives you the solution before you have a problem to solve!

2. BreatheHR

The HR tech niche offers dozens of SaaS solutions. HR is probably an excellent example of a niche slowly moving toward all in one SaaS as standard. Still, if you want to subscribe to 12 different platforms for all your HR needs (although why would you?) you can go ahead and do so.

BreatheHR is one SaaS provider in this niche to bring an all in one solution. With BreatheHR, you can:

  • Track the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exit interview.
  • Manage performance reviews and other related tasks.
  • Track payroll and expenses.
  • Manage and assign the workload of your internal HR team.

With an API and several integration options, BreatheHR is well worth considering if you plan to move your HR processes digital in 2021.

3. Hotjar

Website analytics platforms represent a significant portion of the overall SaaS market.

While analytics platforms typically give you lots of data, being "data-driven" without proper context is like running down a marketing tunnel without a light at the end of it.

Hotjar addresses this and gives you the context you need. With Hotjar, you can see heatmaps of how users interact with your website and session recordings of what people actually do when on your page.

Instead of acting because you read a blog by an "SEO rock star" who tells you your metrics do not lie, take action based on real-life user cases that round out your datasets.

4. Intercom

Earlier this year, we looked at the use of chatbots in modern business and discussed their importance in a communication context.

If you are planning to scale your business, using automation for delivering responses to customer queries and issues is going to be essential to your success.

Intercom facilitates this by addressing all your live chat and communication needs in one platform. The thing we love most about Intercom is that it scales with your business. Take out a simple plan with little more than chatbot functionality on the day you launch and build up to a more comprehensive plan with integrations, ticket assignments, and workflow automation as your needs increase and you need to address a more extensive customer base.

5. Contractbook

How do you manage your client, employee, or other business contracts?

In the past, your process might have looked a little like this:

  • You draft a contract in Word or Google Docs.
  • You collaborate to make edits, using Dropbox or other cloud storage options if you didn't write the contract in Google Docs.
  • When the contract is finalised, you convert it to PDF or another format.
  • Depending on the level of technology you use, you either print, sign, scan, and send the contract back, or use an app like DocuSign.

What a waste of time!

With Contractbook, you can manage your entire contract lifecycle from the first word you write to the moment you stop working with a client or an employee leaves the business. Our extensive catalogue of templates means you might not even have to write much yourself!

Why have such a long-winded process when you can take care of all your contract management needs in one place?

Choosing all in one SaaS solutions for your business

The all in one SaaS solutions you need will depend on your niche but also what you are looking to achieve.

All in one SaaS platforms are fantastic in themselves. Ensure you get even more out of them by understanding the full range of benefits they deliver and choosing solutions that integrate with other all in one tools.

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