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May 30, 2022

How To Boost Your Sales Team's Efficiency With Digital Signatures

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Are you entirely happy with the sales you’re making? Chances are there’s room for improvement. Luckily, taking your business to the next level has never been easier. To start, you can boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.


  1. 5 ways to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures
  2. Why are digital signatures becoming prevalent?
  3. Sales automation: How to improve sales efficiency even further
  4. Achieve greater sales efficiency with Contractbook

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Team's Efficiency With Digital Signatures

Would you like to free up a lot of your employees’ time using a single tool? Let’s see how exactly you can boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.

1. Get contracts signed faster

Is doing admin work the primary role of a salesperson? Of course not. But if they’re at all successful, they’ll have contracts to approve. There are only two ways to do this, manually or electronically. 

Admittedly, a lot of businesses keep doing it the old-fashioned way. But while it gets the job done, you still need to print, sign, and scan the contract every single time. 

Now, this may not sound so time-consuming, but it adds up. And you don’t want your sales team to waste time on tasks that aren’t bringing concrete results. 

This is the beauty of digital signature technology. It allows you to open the document on your phone or another device, and sign it right then and there. There’s absolutely no printing or scanning involved.

2. Avoid mistakes and wasting time on fixing them

Let’s say you’ve just closed a deal. The only thing left to do is get the contract signed by your clients and then approve it yourself. Sounds quick and simple, doesn’t it? 

But to collect your client’s signatures, you need to do three separate things. You need to:

  • Draft an email
  • Attach the document
  • Send it out to all the relevant parties

And to approve it yourself, you need to print, sign, and scan. 

Is there any chance that somewhere along the way you’ll make a mistake? Maybe you’ll forget one of the signees, or make a bad copy of the document that only needs your signature. These are all errors that can be fixed, but they waste valuable company time.

When you use eSignatures, the process is a lot less convoluted. You already have the contract that’s ready for approval. You just add the signees and type in a message if that’s something you wish to do. The software takes care of the rest. 

And when you receive the contract, you only need to click a button to sign it. It’s one of the many ways to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.

3. Implement a reliable audit trail

When you have a lot of contracts to handle, staying on top of them all stops being so simple. It’s especially true when you have a lot of versions of the same document stored across your systems. But what if there was a way not to worry about it?

When you use eSignatures, you don’t just get the electronic signing functionalities. You also get access to a centralized repository that allows you to keep all the documents in a single location. You can even automate the storing process itself. 

Of course, when it comes to contracts, you’ll rarely have a single version you need to keep. More often than not, negotiations involve multiple amendments. But eSignature software records every single change made to any of your documents. As a result, you have an audit trail that’s more reliable than anything you could implement.

4. Improve collaboration within the team and with the clients

There are many ways to make people more efficient. Among other things, your options depend on your employees’ line of work. For example, salespeople spend a lot of their time in communication, be it with their coworkers or their clients. And when communicating is made difficult, even the best can get disheartened. Of course, this has a direct effect on efficiency.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to boost motivation in sales with digital signature technology in particular. Gone are the days of long email threads and conversations scattered across multiple channels. 

With eSignature software, you can use your dashboard to notify clients of your progress or even assign tasks to your coworkers. As a result, collaboration within the team and with the clients is much more efficient and no longer gives the sales team headaches.   

5. Increase your conversion rates

We’ve talked about how digital signatures make it more convenient for sales teams. But there’s one key benefit of using this type of software you should keep in mind. It has a positive impact on your bottom line. 

Why is that? Well, using eSignatures increases your conversion rates. Let’s say you have a client you’ve just sent a contract to. If they have to print, sign, and scan it, chances are they won’t do it straight away. And what if they postpone and then forget all about it? 

On the other hand, if your client only needs to click a button to sign, they’ll do it even if they’re out and about. There’s no need to postpone something so easy and takes up so little of your time. And that’s why any modern sales team should use eSignatures.

Why are digital signatures becoming prevalent?

It’s the problem of sales inefficiency that’s driving companies to embrace new technologies.

When you’re efficient, you waste little to no time on tasks that don’t bring concrete results. This applies to sales just like anything else. But it’s been shown that a third of tasks currently being handled by salespeople could easily be automated. 

How is that possible? According to Harvard Business Review, salespeople spend 21 percent of their time doing admin work. This is almost a quarter of their total working hours. But more importantly, it’s the time they can’t spend doing what they’re hired to do—selling. 

Now, we’ve already discussed one simple way to put a stop to all that time-wasting. It’s to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.

But what if you could free up an even larger percentage of your salespeople’s time? They would automatically become much more productive. This is just one of the many benefits of sales automation in general.

Sales Automation: How to improve sales efficiency even further

If you’re wondering how to improve sales efficiency, sales automation is the way to go. Using all the different tools out there, you can automate many time-consuming processes:

  • Identifying high-quality leads
  • Streamlining client communication
  • Automating contract management

We’ve already seen how much time an average salesperson wastes on admin work. A lot of that work is contract-related. That’s why tips on how to improve sales efficiency often have to do with contract management. Automating it can achieve significant ROI and increase your bottom line.

Isn’t that reason enough for you to give automation a try? And to start, you only need to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures.

Achieve greater sales efficiency with Contractbook

If you want the simplest, quickest way to boost your sales team's efficiency with digital signatures, choose Contractbook. We offer the most advanced software and will take care of your needs every step of the way. So don’t hesitate to book a demo.

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