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May 30, 2022

Contractbook Automations: Mass contract sending for the future.

Mat Twells
Content writer

Whether you are new to Contractbook or a seasoned pro the odds are you came here because you want to know how we can save you, time, money, and those human error induced headaches. When it comes to creating and sending contracts via our platform there are still odd occasions you may need some extra assistance to secure consistency across your work.

Even the most brilliant minds need help, Jobs had Wozniak, Gates had Allen, Lennon had McCartney, even Tony Stark had Jarvis; automations are our Vision (one for you Marvel fans).

With the automate package you can send out multiple contracts to multiple people. Be realistic, to do this one at a time would be a painful task and negate the whole idea of saving time and thus providing you with the luxury to do more. That’s why we can introduce Mass Contract Sending. In just a few clicks you can send unlimited contracts, and we will support you all the way.

When will we need Mass Contract Sending?

The possibilities are endless in reality. In an ever-changing world, with time of the essence, and people creating catchphrases like time is money - the need to do more with less is abundantly clear.

  • Changes in legislation increase the need to send multiple contracts to multiple people and ensure clients adhere to the proposed changes.
  • You have an ever-expanding business, the clients and their business is flowing through the door, and you need to add to your team. Have you had a recruitment drive and need to send out multiple contracts to many new employees?
  • Maybe you started a new development project and need to make sure that all stakeholders receive the same document?
  • Handling sensitive information? You may need an NDA sent to several hundred people, or ten.
  • and what about Data Processing Agreements?

These are all times where automation can help us on the way to achieving deadlines, targets, and ultimately the goals we set ourselves and our teams.

Using Mass Contract Sending to optimize workflows.

Now your interest is peaking you want to know how to use this tool, what the steps are, and you are maybe wondering how easy this process will be, and when you can perform this wizardry.

Simply by syncing a few applications we can help you take a Google Sheet filled with contacts, telephone numbers, email addresses, anything you need to be populated in the automated fields on your contracts. By creating this seamless link we can then extract that data and populate it into all of your contracts.

Then with the push of a button hundreds of the contracts you need to send will arrive in the space of time it probably took you ask why you didn't do it sooner.

Head to “automate”, schedule a call, and we will walk you through it.

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