Contractbook for early-stage companies 🚀

Grow your business faster with Contractbook. Using Contractbook will give you the peace of mind that enables you to focus on your business right from the start. That is why we are happy to offer you 50% off to early-stage applicants! Are you ready to get started?

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“Contractbook has helped us scale internationally” - Luggagehero 🧳

LuggageHero developed an efficient, simple, and scalable setup with an easy Typeform-integration,

How to Qualify

It is simple and easy. There are four simple requirements that you will have to meet to qualify for our early-stage discount.

  1. You must be a new customer to Contractbook
  2. You have received less than $1M in funding
  3. You must operate with fewer than 15 employees
  4. Your company must be younger than 2 years of age

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We work with customers just like you. Here is just a few of the logos yours will be featured amongst.


Featured Questions

What are the limits of my plan?

Your plan comes with an unlimited amount of documents and digital signatures. However, you can have up to 25 users.

What does pricing look like after 1 year?

Startups the qualifies for the discount are eligible for 50% off in their first year. After 12 months, you will be billed as normal.

What’s included in my plan?

Everything up to our Integrate plan is included. All plans are allowed the early stage discount. check out for a full list of features.

What partners are you working with?

Startup Central
Stormbreaker Venture Group
The Hub
Gradient Ventures
and more..

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