Contractbook introduces new price plans!

To match all the new features, Contractbook introduces new price plans on May 20th. Learn what it means for you and your team to stay on top of your bill and customise the perfect setup for your company.

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April 8, 2019

Dear Users of Contractbook

We have picked up pace in the last couple of months with more new features and a higher frequency of updates. You might have noticed the contact list, the more user-friendly design, the improved reminder function or the brand new folder setup that gives you a much more organised view of your contracts. Soon, you will also be able to sign your contracts with NemID (Danish National ID), negotiate your deals by commenting directly in the documents and more advanced automations will also be enabled with Zapier. We are even planning to launch an Activity Feed where you can monitor activity on the platform and use the data to improve the workflow - be it of yourself, your team members or your external clients.

Our goal is that most of you will embrace this more flexible and versatile way of managing contracts. We are, however, also aware that these features might be a bit overkill for some of you. We get it, you simply want a unified digital workflow for creating, signing and storing your legal documents. Consequently, we will on May 20th update our current price plans to introduce a new, more adjustable setup.

For some of you, this means a cheaper (even free!) Contractbook-setup, for others it will be a tad more expensive. If you have a team, some profiles will be cheaper, others more expensive - that depends on how you customise your very own contract management setup. The updated price plans will match the new features and thereby make it easier to only pay for what you use.

You will be upgraded automatically based on your current use of the platform but you will of course have the chance to make your own adjustments, customise a team setup from scratch, op-out of the upgrade or even cancel your subscription. But before you even consider such drastic actions, let us take a closer look at how the plans are going to be structured from May 20th.

If you consider a team structure or already have one, this is the time to focus your attention! 

The new pricing plans on Contractbook

*nb. All prices shown here are per month and excl. VAT.

Freemium Plan (0 €): There will still be a free plan with basic limited features for single entrepreneurs, private individuals or smaller start-ups. It will be much like the current one, except you will be able to send 1 contract per month, and you will be able to store and upload 5 contracts instead of 3. Everyone should have a chance to try Contractbook and we hope to grow with you.

Standard Plan (4€): There will also be a Standard Plan for start ups and younger businesses with simple needs, like handling a few employment contracts or setting up a basic GDPR-control. The Standard Plan is for companies that just wish to create, sign and store their documents without all that extra jazz. You will be able to send 3 contracts per month and have 3 of your own templates. To create and manage a team, a Business Plan is needed.

Standard+ Plan (10€): With the new Standard+ you will be able to send unlimited contracts and have 15 of your own templates. It is only possible to be on this plan if you are part of a team. Here, you will unlock features such as reminders, sharing of drafts and the upcoming comments feature that enables you to discuss the content of a draft by adding comments to specific paragraphs. Standard+ plans are perfect for sales representatives, HR-assistants, team leaders or other busy bees who work within a larger organisations and want the increased functionality.  

Business Plan (27€): This plan is essential for companies that are working with a lot of contracts and want a collaborative team setup. A business plan unlocks a bunch of extra features such as Zapier-automations, contact lists and sharing of folders. But most importantly, business profiles can be team admins. If you have a team on Contractbook, you will have to upgrade to minimum 1 business profile to control the team. The additional team members can then be on Standard Plans or Standard+ Plans depending on how you customise your setup. Business Plans are usually for C-level professionals and department heads in companies of 10-50 people or companies that closes a lot of deals and therefor produce a lot of legal documents.

Enterprise Plan (66€): This plan is for legal counsels in enterprises and larger operational teams that want centralised control of their legal work. A user on an enterprise plan will be able to be admin of multiple teams and control the use of templates from a centralised account. We call it Global Templates (in lack of a better name. Please pitch us alternative naming suggestions on Enterprises will also get access to our public API, the chance to white label the platform, their own landingpages to invite clients, and everything mentioned above. This plan can more or less handle everything contract-related internally in a company.

Suits (135 €): Suits is our contract management plan for legal professionals who need full functionality and flexibility when working with legal documents. Here, external lawyers can invite external client to monitor and manage legal documents on behalf of all types of teams. If you wish to work with external clients, this is the plan you need. By choosing Suits you will also get a legal sign-off function, have exclusive template packages available, get a white label WIKI to gather leads and much more. To gain full overview of the best-practice when using Contractbook, Suits-users will also have access to more personal onboarding.

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Contractbook new pricing features

Before we move on, we will assure you, that no content, contracts or any other documents will be lost or deleted. If your content exceeds the limit described above, then you will still be able to keep all the documents that you store on the platform. You will, for example, not loose a template in case you have 6 templates on a Standard Plan. However, you will be asked to upgrade if you wish to add further templates. In some cases, you will loose features that you used to have. For example, some of you will loose the reminder function. Your old reminders will still work but you will not be able to create new reminders. You must upgrade to unlock this feature again if they are valuable to your workflow.

Teams on Contractbook

In case you have a rather simple Contractbook setup, you should not worry too much about this update. Freemium users will get a better setup, while Standard Plans will be limited a bit. The biggest changes are for team, and even in that case, the increased flexibility should make it possible to land a price where you get a high value for your money.

If you have a team setup, you will have to upgrade at least one profile to a Business Plan or an Enterprise Plan. In return, you will get more value for money with a bunch of new features and an increased flexibility to customise a setup specifically suited for your company.

One company could need a 3 Business Plans for the C-level, 4 Standard+ for the salesteam and a few extra Standard Plans for HR. Another could make use of 1 Business Profile and 10 Standard Plans. It all depends on the company, and it is easy to scale as the company grows. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help with your setup!

All this takes effect on May 20th Then, your account will automatically be updated based on the current use of the platform. If you are owner of a team with at least one active member, your account will automatically be upgraded to a Business Plan. As an addition to the functionality of the new Business Plan we would like to make you aware that with the automatic migration, you will be able to overview drafts and templates of team members. This can be adjusted in Team-Settings. Also, you can opt-out of the automatic migration at any time if you are not interested in the new pricing terms.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and we are always available to explain, discuss and help you to create a valuable customised setup for your specific company. Reach out, any day!

5 most important new features

  1. Comments: This much anticipated feature lets you negotiate agreements directly on the platform. Users on Business Plans, Standard+ Plans and above can use this feature to discuss certain terms, highlight important paragraphs or just add an extra explanations to a condition in the contract. This takes our “all-in-one-place” claim to the next level since you can now negotiate contracts on the platform.
  2. Folders: The folders feature gives you a much better overview of your legal documents. You can still use tags to navigate across folders but with the folders, you get a super intuitive and clean look where everything is easy to find. The update has been live for some time now so please feel free to let us know about any feedback - both positive and negative.
  3. Team owners overview: With this brand new updates, team owners will get a much better overview of the legal workflows across the whole organisation. Team owners will now be able to overview drafts and templates of all team members which makes it a lot easier for larger organisations to collaborate and coordinate work on the legal work.
  4. Zapier: It has been a while since we first announced Zapier, but this time everything is ready (for real!). With our Zapier-integration, you can integrate Contractbook with your favourite tool to create new automations and a seamless workflow. Choose among Slack, Gmail, Sheets or more than 1.400 other apps that you can view here.
  5. NemID: It is now possible to sign documents on the platform with the Danish National ID NemID which is required for certain types of documents. Similar solutions are underway for Sweden and Norway, and please let us know if you would like to use your National ID on the platform. We might be able to figure something out.

Psst! As we only mentioned it once in the end of a long paragraph in the beginning of this text, you have have already forgot about it. So let us take it one more time for Prins Knud (as we say in Denmark?!?): We are launching an activity-feed and a feature cross team template management as well! It is going to come very soon, and we promise you that you will love it! Until that...

Best wishes

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