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May 30, 2022

News! Contractbook Moves Into The UK Market

News! Contractbook Moves Into The UK Market
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News! Contractbook Moves Into The UK MarketNews! Contractbook Moves Into The UK Market

Things are going well in Contractbook these days. Since a successful 2021 where we closed our second investment round in just 4 months and opened up an office in New York as part of our move into the American market, we are now launching Contractbook in the UK.

Contractbook already has more than 50 paying customers in the UK, and it will become a core market with a newly established UK-focused department. 

“Despite Brexit, the UK is still one of the most important markets for a tech company with global ambitions. There are many innovative companies and a high degree of market maturity. Some of the similarities between the UK and the US market enable us to use some of the valuable experiences we’ve had in the US in the past months to quickly make this project a success," says the CEO of Contractbook, Niels Martin Brøchner. 

While the American expansion is led from a new address in Manhattan, this time, Contractbook expands without investing in a physical office. 

“We’ve always been remote-first and allowed our team to work when and where they want. With a pandemic and the experiences from our US expansion, we’ve concluded that it doesn’t make sense to open an office in London. Instead, we can spend our efforts on marketing and hire a UK-focused team globally,” Niels Martin Brøchner explains. 

Following 5x growth during the pandemic, Contractbook has launched in the UK with a team of 8 and has already secured more than 40 new customers. Among them are Kluster, Jiminny, NHS Trust, Park Office, and Acre.

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See the power of contract management in this interactive demo
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