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May 30, 2022

Employee story: Adam, a designer that has spread his wings and is leveraging his full potential

Employee story: Adam, a designer that has spread his wings and is leveraging his full potential
Director of PR & Communication
Employee story: Adam, a designer that has spread his wings and is leveraging his full potentialEmployee story: Adam, a designer that has spread his wings and is leveraging his full potential

Contractbook is growing fast these days. We are constantly looking for new talents to help us in our mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation - and to be an integral part of our team. It is crucial for us that we find the right people, people that are “dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic because they do what they love and not just that they are told to” as our CEO recently wrote in Forbes. It is essential to us that everyone in our team likes being a part of it and that we find people that fit into our culture: authentic, creative and ambitious people.

To find out, if you fit into that culture, you can check out our Career page. But you can also hear what our employees say about how it is to work in Contractbook.

Meet Adam Rozmus, a 35-year old designer from Wroclaw, Poland.

You know we are doing these propaganda employee stories to brand Contractbook as an excellent place to work, right?

Yes, I heard about that.

So Jarek (our CPO red.) suggested you should be part of one.

I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like my thing.

He said it should be called “Adam - A designer that has spread his wings and is leveraging his full potential”.

Haha. So it really is propaganda!

Well. Yeah. But do you know what he means?

I know, yes.

Just out of curiosity. What does he mean then?

I think that when I started the main concern was if I would fit into the environment. But I had this, whatever-it-takes attitude. I really wanted to work with Contractbook. I was so curious. I couldn’t find any bad reviews about the company, so I thought. Either there must be something wrong, or it’s an awesome place to work.

But here you are. Still. How is the environment in Contractbook different from other places?

The process here is very different. We dive really deep into the user experience. We are doing a lot of stuff related to analysis, not just designing visuals. That is something I have learned a lot from. In Contractbook, I am really a professional. I have to take responsibility for my actions and lead the processes. Nobody asks me to just do stuff. They ask me how I would do it. I always have to think for myself, be very aware of the pros and cons and to be able to adjust my way of thinking to the problem.

What is it about Contractbook that enables you to do that?

It’s the openness, the trust and the empathy, I would say. The culture encourages me to behave that way. We are all very different, but we all contribute with some magic to the group as a whole. We encourage each other to make our own decisions and to be proactive. Not to ask for permission all the time.

You mention the culture. How would you describe that?

I am a part of two teams which are a bit different. In the development team, we have a really high level of camaraderie. It’s fun, and people show a lot of empathy to each outer. We are a well-oiled machine, a really close group where everyone feels responsible for each other. In the design team, I really appreciate the supportiveness and the learning-attitude. We have good feedback sessions, organise design challenges and exchange tasks to refresh our minds.

What about our distributed culture? Is that special?

Yes, very special. The level of transparency here is insane. When you go on holidays and come back, you have to spend hours catching up in Slack. But I like it. It gives you the feeling that you are not detached. You are part of a group and not working alone.

Thanks, Adam. This is perfect! That is all I needed from you.

Did you just trick me into doing an employee story?

Would it be okay if I did?


Can I publish it?

Yeah, I guess you can.

Thanks, man! I really appreciate it.

Do you feel like being part of a culture like Adam describes here? Then check out our Careers page for open positions:

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