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Employee story: Emilie, account executive

Mikkel Boris
October 20, 2021

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Contractbook is growing fast these days. We are constantly looking for new talents to help us in our mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation - and to be an integral part of our team. It is crucial for us that we find the right people, people that are “dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic because they do what they love and not just that they are told to” as our CEO recently wrote in Forbes. It is essential to us that everyone in our team likes being a part of it and that we find people that fit into our culture: authentic, creative and ambitious people

Meet Emilie Spliid, a 27-year old Account Executive from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hi Emilie. As you know, we are scaling a lot at the moment.

No shit Sherlock?

Yeah, so I need your help with one of these employee stories. We need to convince people to join our team, and my assumption is that communicating our company culture could help.

That makes sense. I have studied business psychology, so I know how important company culture is.

That is what I thought. That makes you the perfect candidate. So for starters, how would you describe our company culture?

I would say that it’s very young and dynamic. It’s also very agile. We are learning by doing and learning fast. You can have an impact on the culture because the hierarchy is so flat. You have a lot of autonomy. Nobody dictates everything we do, everybody listens to each other. Your position doesn’t matter. If the intern has a brilliant idea, then we are not afraid to test it. The time from idea to execution is also very short. We are not afraid to change stuff if it doesn’t work.

What about socially?

That is very important as well. We are having fun, and we celebrate the small victories as we go. In the sales department, we celebrate every deal and support each other. We are also good at doing activities, so you build stronger relations and get a more familiar culture. We go out together, we organise meet-ups, and we end every quarter by eating out together.

How would you describe the atmosphere at the Copenhagen office?

We are all very young, and there is a lot of enthusiasm. It’s a very diverse group where people have different professional backgrounds, but there is a feeling that we are all on the same journey.

Okay, maybe you are being a bit too positive. It must be realistic to be convincing, you know. You must have days where getting up to work is hard. I mean, you live in Denmark: it’s practically dark 6 months a year, and it rains all the time.

That is true. But we have a lot of autonomy to decide where, how and when we want to work. It’s easy to stay motivated when you learn so much. We have no strict manuals. We learn from each other, give each other feedback. Although it’s not always you listen. We also have 1:1’s every month, which is a huge motivation factor as you get the opportunity to consider how you feel if you are thriving and how you can develop professionally.

Okay then. So if you meet someone, they are really bored in their job, but it is also comfortable, and they need the final convincing argument to apply for a job in Contractbook, what would you then say to them?

Well, what I like is that there is a great combination of strategic work and the more hands-on work. You have a lot to say about how you want to do your job, and you can have an impact on a developing and scaling company.

Awesome! That was a good one. Thanks a lot, Emilie!

You are welcome.

Do you feel like being part of a culture like Emilie describes here? Then check out our Careers page for open positions:

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