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May 30, 2022

Employee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstack

Employee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstack
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Employee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstackEmployee story: Vlado, a backend developer gone fullstack

Contractbook is growing fast these days. We are constantly looking for new talents to help us in our mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation - and to be an integral part of our team. It is crucial for us that we find the right people, people that are “dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic because they do what they love and not just that they are told to” as our CEO recently wrote in Forbes. It is essential to us that everyone in our team likes being a part of it and that we find people that fit into our culture: authentic, creative and ambitious people.

To find out, if you fit into that culture, you can check out our Careers page. But you can also hear what our employees say about how it is to work in Contractbook.

Meet Vlado Rosančić, a 31-year old back-end developer (gone fullstack!) from Zagreb, Croatia.

Hey Vlado. I am making these employee stories about how it is to work in Contractbook. The idea is that you will be super positive about it, so we can use it to promote how great a place this is. You know, it is this new idea we have in marketing. It will work like recruitment propaganda, so we can attract some talented people. Would you be up for that?

Sure, I'd be glad to help you out.

Thanks a lot! So, let us get right to it. How long have you been here for? It feels like forever.

I joined Contractbook around 2 years ago.

Why did you decide to come here in the first place?

At that time, I worked for a top-class software agency where I felt really good. I wasn't thinking about changing the job, but then I saw a job ad from Contractbook, which made me think and I applied. It was a tough decision back then, but I can now say that I didn't regret it at all.

How come? What makes it a great place to work?

In Contractbook, I do what I like, and I do it with a sense of pride. I feel like we are building a great product which is and will be useful to many people and which makes their lives easier. It's good to know that I give my talents to such a thing.

What about the culture? How would you describe that?

I work in a cross-functional team with people who are not only good at what they do; they are also great people. There is a good and positive atmosphere - and people respect each other's talents. Besides that, I would emphasize the excellent communication and the level of transparency which we try to keep very high every day. There is also a remote-first approach which enables me to work from anywhere, be flexible and have a good work-life balance which is important to my family and me.

And professionally, how have you developed in your time here?

To be honest, I am constantly improving my technical skills here. I joined as an experienced backend developer, but during my work here, I started being more and more full-stack. Although I am still learning a lot on the frontend side, I love the fact that I can cope with each part of the product. I also constantly participate in the whole lifecycle of product development, including planning, discussions, making architectural decisions, communicating with business people and our clients. All of this gives me a feeling of owning the product, wanting it to be better and doing all that with joy. Let's make contracts better!

That is not even propaganda - that came from the bottom of your heart.

Of course.

One last thing. I still have nightmares about when Croatia defeated Denmark in penalties at the 2018 World Cup. Will you stick around long enough, so we can have a fair rematch?

Haha. Yes, that is a deal! But we will beat you again!

Do you feel like being part of a culture like Vlado describes here? Then check out our Careers page for open positions:

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