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May 30, 2022

Finance: Four ways that contract automation facilitates fending off Asimo, Alexa, and Siri

Finance: Four ways that contract automation facilitates fending off Asimo, Alexa, and Siri
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Finance: Four ways that contract automation facilitates fending off Asimo, Alexa, and SiriFinance: Four ways that contract automation facilitates fending off Asimo, Alexa, and Siri

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Automation is geared to ensuring that we humans do not outdo ourselves when it comes to forgetting things, or getting bored, or being distracted. It happens. Don't lie. Making a complete hash of things when running a business has many financial implications - including many office-based ribbings from colleagues. Gone are the days of chastising someone for fun and passing it off as “team-building”.

This is Pepper apparently. Do not be fooled by the friendly look on its face. Image via Unsplash

In all honesty, tech is moving so fast that we have been waiting for robots to take the lead for a while now, but we still have a fighting chance of keeping our jobs, automation helps everyone fend off a potential wave of beta tested finance robots led by Asimo, and flanked by Alexa and Siri. I don't know about you but being trolled by any of these robots over coffee gives me the creeps so please take this advice seriously.

What we want is to be assigned tasks, have the tools that make things a little easier, take away unreliability and improve our work experience. What we do not want is to be so bad at what we do that these robots replace us, look at Pepper's face on the right >>>>>

So annoying.

Automation is there to make our lives simpler, but we still have to use a little brain power along the way. Below we have four automations that help to alleviate pressure, to help stay focused amongst a mountain of ongoing transactions, and also ultimately to make life a little simpler for everyone.

Tasks assigned

Via Contractbook’s automation capabilities finance teams can rest assured that as they work on other tasks, sales, ops and senior management are in the loop and nothing gets missed. As part of the Task Management feature teams can assign tasks to specific individuals or teams which ensures transparency and a streamlined communication trail.

finance contract automation

Integration with apps

Solutions that are easily integrated with other apps in your tech stack are super important to the modern finance team. Contractbook has the ability to be synced to over 3000 apps, pretty impressive. This is particularly important when you want to ensure accuracy of information and ensuring invoices are not missed or even lost.

For example, you could take your CRM of choice and pull through important data sets to the contract of your choice, a perfect way to ensure that all of the information within your contracts is accurate and presentable to prospective clients. Once that is done, you hook up Contractbook to your payment collection tool.

Automated invoicing

What is better than knowing that once a sale is completed you can rest assured that the invoice is already sent once triggered by the signature? All of the processes included in this otherwise menial task are taken care of, saving enough time to grab that coffee, decompress and stay in the game longer.

These types of automation ensure that you do not fall asleep during repetitive tasks - your head in your sandwich is not a good look, though your teammates on Slack may differ.

Trigger renegotiations

Again featured in Task Management. The renegotiation phase is part of our post-signature process whereby once a signature is signed, let's say via a wet signature, the contract is not just archived. There is way more to the life cycle of a contract than that.

Imagine you inserted a clause into a contract that after two years you would negotiate a new deal for that office letting, maybe an increase in income for you? Would you really want to forget that? Do not take chances, do not miss these opportunities and do not let human error creep in.

So Ai, helps us to do all of these tasks, ensures that we can perform our jobs at 110%. By doing this we can maximize our time, we can scale businesses and teams, and, fend off these robots for a little while longer. Meanwhile... Elon Musk needs to stop playing. Remember Jeff Goldblum's line in Jurassic Park?

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