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May 30, 2022

How To Win More Deals in Sales with Digital Signatures

Ruzica Mastelic
Content writer

What market has a surprisingly high growth rate? The digital signature market. Although, this starts making a lot of sense once you learn about the potential of digital signature to generate revenue. So if you want your salespeople to perform better, here’s how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures.

Table of Contents

  1. Unlocking growth opportunities with sales automation
  2. How to use digital signature to increase sales
  3. Get started with Contractbook 

Unlocking growth opportunities with sales automation

Did you know that 80 percent of businesses are speeding up process automation? This isn’t happening for no reason. It’s been shown that a lot of the manual tasks we do on a daily basis can be automated. But businesses never do anything just because they can.

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Businesses are investing in automation because, ultimately, it improves the bottom line. This even applies to the automation of sales processes. But a lot of this is done with the help of contract automation software, which has a high ROI. So if you want to follow suit and unlock valuable growth opportunities for your business, simply read on.

How to use digital signature to increase sales

Digital signature technology comes with a whole range of benefit

  • Increased productivity
  • Less waste
  • Higher security levels
  • Improved compliance
  • Boosted bottom line

But still, you need to know how to use digital signature to increase sales. Let us walk you through all the possible actions you can take.

During the initiation phase

Are you still prospecting your client? Here’s how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures even at such an early stage.

Leave a great first impression

Would you say the technology a business uses affects your perception of it? Sure it does. We’ve all landed on a website that looks like it was made in Paint and bounced right off.

Of course, it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s not even about ease of use. A technologically advanced business instills more trust than the one falling behind the times. That’s why you should use digital signature software instead of the traditional pen and paper method.

Identify the decision makers

Perceptions matter. We’ve established that already. But there’s another, more practical benefit to using digital signature. Namely, the software you use for signing has more than one feature. One of the more important ones allows you to see who viewed the contract and when.

This type of tracking is something you can use to your benefit. If this is information you don’t already have, you can easily identify the decision makers in the company you’re prospecting. 

During the negotiation phase

Have you grabbed your potential client’s attention? Now you’re ready to start negotiations. Here’s how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures at this stage in the contract lifecycle.

Monitor in real time

Wouldn’t you like being able to see how your potential clients are interacting with the contracts you send them? And how much time would you save if you were alerted, straight away, of any changes they’ve requested?

You wanted to learn how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures. Being able to monitor all your contracts in real time will prove to be a real asset.

Make changes right then and there

When all your documents are in the cloud, you can access and edit them wherever you are. So let’s say one of your clients has viewed the contract you sent them. Before they sign, they want you to make a few changes.

Without the digital signature technology, it’s likely that this would take days. But not when you’re monitoring your contracts in real time and can amend them on the go.

During the approval phase

The negotiations were successful. All that’s left to do is send the contract over for signing. But there’s still something you can do to improve your chances of sealing the deal. Here’s how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures during the approval phase.

Enable signing on the go

Let’s say it’s Wednesday morning and you’re sending a contract over for one of your clients to sign. It’s the middle of the workweek, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the client is in the office. What if they’re on a business trip? Would they take the time to print, sign, and scan the contract back to you?

What happens when signing a contract comes down to clicking a single button on your phone? In that scenario, you’re much more likely to do it right then and there.

Make sure no signature is missing

Chances are that most of your contracts don’t have a single signee. That’s why it can be frustrating when you need to send them over for signing. Sure, your part of the work is done. But what about the others? You can’t really count on them signing every line.

That’s one of the beauties of using digital signatures. It’s not just that you can set the signing order. You can also highlight every line that needs to be signed, so there’s never any missing signature.

After the end of the lifecycle

Who says there’s nothing left to do once the contract has been signed? Here’s how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures even after the end of an individual contract’s lifecycle.

Identify your weak spots

There’s another perk to using digital signature technology. Literally every action you take leaves an audit trail. Also, all the data is synced and in a single place. This means you can easily identify the weak spots in your contract lifecycle. 

Reevaluate your strategy

Based on the insights you get from your data, you can rethink things and come up with better strategies. As a result, your sales cycle will only get shorter - every businessperson’s dream. 

And with this, you’ve learned how to use digital signature to increase sales throughout the contract lifecycle. If you implement all these tips, you’ll be able to step back and enjoy seeing your business grow.

Get started with Contractbook

Now that you know how to win more deals in sales with digital signatures, you’re probably eager to start. Luckily for you, we at Contractbook have everything you need to succeed. Our software is cutting-edge yet simple to use. You don’t even have to worry about integration with your existing systems. We’ll have you signing contracts digitally in no time. You only need to get in touch.

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