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May 30, 2022

Luggage Hero and signing partners at scale

Luggage Hero and signing partners at scale
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Luggage Hero and signing partners at scaleLuggage Hero and signing partners at scale

Ever stepped out to a new city with your bags and couldn't check into your accommodation for at least a few hours forcing you to trawl around your city of choice hauling baggage and making that couple of hours feel like days? Well, haul no more friends.

Luggage Hero has the antidote to your problems and provides services that can help you dump your bags and enjoy your visit right off the plane. How? They have partner locations around the world which they have managed to acquire by using Contractbook to their advantage on the move. Not only this, but they are signing partners up at a clip.

What is their process?

Luggage Hero and Contractbook are working seamlessly together via Typeform. A series of questions are asked via Contractbook and answered by the potential Luggage Hero partner, their answers then generate the contract required and then the deal is executed on the spot.

This works so well due to the fact that not only do Luggage Hero have a service that is so in demand, signing in excess of 20 contracts per day, but they are using a solution that is scalable, one that is futureproofed and can run alongside them as they scale at the same time.

For instance, a salesperson can rock up at a location knowing full well that they can execute the deal after some small talk, coffee, and a handshake (or Covid fistbump). Pretty simple, time is saved, deals made and contracts triggered.

Integration made easy

Contractbook and Typeform work seamlessly together and provide a solution for freelancers on behalf of Luggage Hero to execute on-the-spot deals and help the business scale internationally by integrating together.

Once the Typeform questionnaire has been completed there is no standing around waiting. There is no going back to the office, emailing, signing, scanning, and emailing again which all lead to momentum loss and stagnated sales processes. Not only does it lead to this mess but also people get bored, people are given time to second guess their decision, this is all taken away and before they know it they are part of LuggageHero’s collection of locations and taking in the benefits of being a tourist's first destination on their trip.

Taking the initiative, localizing documents, and ensuring they are consistent all helps Luggage Hero sign up partners at scale. No momentum loss, just pure execution of deals and taking advantage of the work already put in place by the freelancer.

Why does this make a difference?

  1. Menial tasks are reduced. Admin for example is at a minimum, which means the process is sped up, human error is reduced significantly and the closer is not stood around filling in data or information on the spot wasting their time and the customer's time. The copy-paste scenario is ended.
  2. Communication has improved no end by having automated responses. Contracts created and signed on the spot are instantly sent over to finance teams who have an invoice triggered and ready to collect recurring revenue.
  3. Already thinking about the next deal to be made. Slick and fast processes increase sales made, helps the business scale and, increase morale and performance. Imagine writers using typewriters, and then getting a computer with a delete button. That was their automation, this is ours.

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See the power of contract management in this interactive demo
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