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May 30, 2022

Milestones, billing, and invoicing (aka. Contractbook + CRM + Billing/Invoicing).

Milestones, billing, and invoicing (aka. Contractbook + CRM + Billing/Invoicing).
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Milestones, billing, and invoicing (aka. Contractbook + CRM + Billing/Invoicing).Milestones, billing, and invoicing (aka. Contractbook + CRM + Billing/Invoicing).

You don't know the value of data until you have none. Has there ever been a truer word generated by an AI, machine learning, contraption? Probably not. Has there ever been a truer word said by a human? Probably. However, regardless of who came up with this quote, whether a website that auto-generates from predetermined data sets or a person on a quest for inspiration - it is true. But do you even know that your data exists?

When your teams generate documents do they, or you, consciously realize that as those documents are developed, saved, and stored, your data exists within them, and how you treat that data can either make you money or cost you money? The truth is the vast majority of team members see a file on a computer, never once considering that how they treat that file has a knock-on effect for the rest of that document's life. To add to this most people are using tools that keep them comfortable. You can see this when people move to Apple products from Microsoft.

No matter what Apple throws at you for word processing, data entry, or (guess what’s next? - you guessed it) presentation (well done), the majority, if not all, users go looking for packages they know - Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The same can be said for design and Adobe. The truth is though is Photoshop better than Figma or the like, or is it just comfortable?

Tools that can empower your business

A completely subjective decision, but the truth is that most people will stick to something that they know. What if you were told that if you empower your teams to step out of their comfort zone and try new tools that actually your business could benefit tremendously?
Milestones, billing, and invoicing (aka. Contractbook + CRM + Billing/Invoicing). Take a step back and look at this objectively.

Contractbook: Harnessing that data in your documents when created, saved, and stored within our solution ensures that the data is not locked away. If you develop your contracts within solutions that utilize PDF formats you have then placed teams within your organization that rely on these documents in a straight jacket and asked them to swim the Atlantic Ocean. Can they do it? Yes, maybe. With varying results, and it will take a long time.

Contractbook enables you to step out of your comfort zone, safely, because we assist you from the start by setting up your processes and ensure streamlined workflows. For free. As you and your teams move forward you will see that by using our JSON file format a world of possibilities are opened when it comes to the data in your files. This will ensure your teams save time from painstaking admin processes, never miss a beat, and scale your business further because your teams are ensuring revenue is on the up through securing more deals, quicker. How? Pull data from your CRM into contracts, and automatically generate invoices, and trigger payments via automation.

CRM: Your choice. Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 265, Pipedrive, and SalesForce to name a few. All of which when used alongside Contractbook enable you to pull through data and information and populate your contacts direct from your CRM. Think about how your teams normally do this. Copy and paste, repetitive, mundane, boring, arduous processes. The only trigger they cause is human error and that costs the organization time (when correcting errors) and money.

Take that away = Less mistakes, quicker document creation, increase in quality and quantity.

Pair Contractbook to your CRM system

Your CRM and Contractbook when paired together will also pull through important milestones like renewal dates or dates for renegotiation. You will not miss these dates because you will be notified before they occur. Consider this: A deal closed last year with an annual increase of 5%, time ticks by, and you miss that fact. Your business now misses 5% increases year on year, because you and your teams forgot or were not notified, all because your documents are not dynamic and sit unorganized in a PDF format.

Billing and invoicing: Your choice. Stripe, Charge Bee, Quickbooks as examples. Your contracts have been created by your teams and they have pulled data from CRM ensuring alignment across the organization. Everyone is on the same page. As soon as that contract is signed, your billing tool will pull the data from your contracts and populate customer details automatically, even triggering the creation of invoices. Your finance team is in the loop because using these three processes together in unison via access to data allows it to happen.

Take away miscommunication, human error, and reap the benefits across the business.

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See the power of contract management in this interactive demo
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