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TL;DR: We changed the layout and we look better now. ;-) Get to know our thoughts behind it and how it will affect the platform.

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February 5, 2019

TL;DR:  We changed the layout and we look better now. ;-)

Exactly one year has passed since we launched a brand new look of the Contractbook platform. Now, we have started 2019 off by doing it again! We have been working on the redesign for more than 3 months and we could not imagine it better. Thanks to a great design and a brand new video explainer to match, we are ready to start a whole different level of how the product is perceived. Hopefully, it looks as good as the whole platform works.

Why did we need to change?

We have been working on Contractbook for more than 3 years now but last year the whole company took some huge steps forward. We introduced Contractbook Suits - an extension of our product, equipped with features tailored exclusively for legal professionals. Success and lots of new clients dictated a new pace of delivering features. So after months of intensive product development, we ended up with a product so packed with new functionalities that our marketing pages were no longer up to date. We simply needed to redevelop how we present the product for new, potential users.  

Furthermore, we were striving for more consistency across the whole design system so marketing pages, the application, and all other marketing channels are somehow adjusted.

After the rebranding revolution we made two years ago, and the continuous UX adjustments of our core processes, we ended up having a slightly messy mix of styles. In other words, it was time to tighten it up! Thankfully, new designers Dominik and Mateusz joined our team and started to bring everything back in shape.

The thoughts behind the Contractbook’s new design

Even though we have a mature product and a stable MRR, we still like the playfulness that defines our brand. We believe that goes along with the more professional tone just fine and that it makes us stand out among our competitors.

In the past years, we have used Contractbook’s blue and green color scheme to “yell” and stand out. This time, however, we realized that we can be visible without being so “vivid”. We have now decided to use more white and negative space which suits the platform that is bright, transparent and super clean.

Furthermore, Contractbook is shaped by – and for – our users. That is why we decided to humanize the communication a bit. It was achieved by adding a Customer Stories subpage and by showing the “real people” for whom we are making our product better. Also, even though we still use a lot of futuristic, abstract collage illustrations, we have added smooth accents with real photos to balance it out.

Video explainer, finally!

It might be an industry standard that every new product needs a new product video. We had not really had any before. That’s why, in parallel to the website redesign process, we’ve teamed up with Piotr Wojtczak, an amazing video designer, and animator, who took the lead in the creation process of our product video. It was quite of a challenge to fit everything we wanted into tight time-frames, but in the end, we ended up with this dynamic, playful Contractbook’s video explainer. We believe it is the best description of our product so far.

How does it affect our platform?

Design-wise, we have started adjusting and polishing our interface to match our brand-guidelines and follow the style introduced on our marketing pages. As this is quite a complicated process, we have divided it into small steps which we deploy almost every week. As we expected, once the new typography and color palette, was added to the app, it made a huge difference in how the interface looks. We believe it is much cleaner and transparent than ever before. Once all of the changes are there, we predict it will be even better.

Secondly, by changing how the product looks from the outside, we have noticed a notable increase in our conversions to free users. That is a lot in our ecosystem! From random surveys we took with our visitors and users, we had learned that our product explanation is now more clear and convincing which makes people realize how useful Contractbook is much faster,

What is planned next?

Consistency is everything. We are planning to adjust every part of our product to look as awesome as our landing pages and the video. It includes our social media visuals, emails and – of course – the app’s interface. As mentioned earlier, we are still in the process of adjusting our platform and making it design- and UX-consistent. With upcoming planned features such as folders and a new registration process, we will continue to make Contractbook better and better.


It is far too early to make any hard conclusions of how the new design and communication performs (especially marketing wise). But as the product team, we are really proud of how Contractbook looks and the direction it is going in. We are really satisfied with our video – every time we watch it (even though we watched it a zillion times already) we still tend to find something new there. Everything combines perfectly with the style we have crafted and – what is most important – tells a lot about our product.

Best regards from

Dominik, Mateusz & Marcin

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