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May 30, 2022

Top 10 legal technology start-ups

Top 10 legal technology start-ups
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Top 10 legal technology start-upsTop 10 legal technology start-ups

The legal technology space is booming, with a flood of funding coming into the industry helping the sharpest legal tech entrepreneurs create ever more innovative tools and software.

Whether you are already using legal tech in your practice and want to add more tools to your tech stack or are only just exploring the possibilities and benefits legal tech can bring, you have a wealth of tools to choose from.

While there are plenty of legal tech start-ups out there that have been around for years, using software from a start-up can enable you to access the latest tech innovations, and you might even be able to lock in a lower price if you “get in on the ground floor!”

With that in mind, here are ten amazing legal technology start-ups.

1.     Contractbook

Yeah, yeah, we know - we ALWAYS put ourselves on these lists, but that is only because we love what we do so much and want everyone to try it before they get excited about all the other amazing tech out there!

If your legal practice is looking to streamline operations and save time on contract and document generation, you need to give us a try!

Throughout the coming decade, successful legal practices will use document automation to an increasing degree to earn back time to spend on higher-value tasks. Contractbook helps you do just this while also giving you the ability to collaborate securely in the cloud internally and with your clients. On top of all this, we integrate with your existing tools and apps, making Contractbook a legit all-in-one legal tech solution for your practice!

2.     LawGeex

While LawGeex has been around since 2014, and a major player in the post-2015 boom in legal tech, it is, strictly speaking, still a start-up.

At the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) in legal tech, LawGeex is an automated document review solution that suggests changes and makes edits like a human. All you need to do is tell the software your policies, along with any “must include” clauses or terms, and it will edit your draft contracts for you! LawGeex is the ideal tool for law firms that need to review client contracts at scale.

3.     Relativity

If you are choosing legal tech based on who already uses it, you will not find many better options than Relativity.

Reportedly used by most of the top 200 law firms in the United States, Relativity is as popular among in-house legal teams as it is with law firms. Relativity offers various solutions for your practice, including eDiscovery, communication surveillance, early case assessment capability, and case strategy. One of the benefits of Relativity is you can take as few or as many tools as you wish, giving you a truly customized legal tech solution.

4.     Everlaw

Everlaw bills itself as "the world's most advanced eDiscovery" software and uses advanced analytics features to help law firms track a wealth of data. This subsequently allows you to manage cases, prepare for trials and other forms of litigation, and collaborate both in-house and externally on all your casework where needed.

Everlaw also provides advanced data security capabilities and is known for the constant innovators and differentiators added to its platform.

5.     Clio

If your law firm is not using tech to any significant degree right now, Clio is a fantastic solution that offers legal software with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. As such, not only will it help you manage your clients and casework, but you can grow your firm, too!

With all the time you will save through using legal tech to optimize your processes, having a tool that enables you to scale your business will be a must!

6.     HighQ

HighQ is a brilliant all-in-one solution if your law firm needs a customizable platform for working with your clients.

With features like customizable dashboards, virtual data rooms, and customizable metadata, HighQ gives you everything you need to automate vast swathes of your work. While not a CRM tool, it does include features that will help you market your legal practice via your blog and even inspire ideas for podcasts!

7.     Luminance

Luminance offers various products, from AI and machine learning powered due diligence and contract review to eDiscovery, trial preparation, and cross-border regulatory compliance.

One of the case studies on the Luminance website highlights a practice that began to take on cases they previously would not have been able to as a result of using this tool. This highlights the extent to which legal tech could be a gamechanger for your practice!

8.     PracticePanther

PracticePanther is another all-in-one solution, but one that focuses more on all-round, fully-integrated legal practice management rather than having a heavy focus purely on the legal side of things. For example, while you can undertake case management, manage documents, and collaborate, you also have features like time tracking, client billing, appointment scheduling, and CRM built-in.

Undoubtedly a great tool, albeit one you may need to integrate with another platform to supercharge your practice!

9.     iManage

iManage delivers document management and AI-led solutions to help make your legal practice more productive and complete potentially complex projects quicker. Its solutions include document review software, risk management tools, and an eDiscovery platform to help you find better data and precedents, to help yourself and your clients make better decisions.

10. TIQ

It is easy to get caught up in legal tech that uses features like AI and to forget about the essential features that keep our businesses operating effectively.

Tiq is one such tool, a time tracking solution specifically for law firms that integrates with most other software on the market. Best of all, it is automated, meaning you get your time tracked in detail and can bill your clients accurately and transparently.

What legal tech are you using?

There is a wealth of legal tech solutions available to help you revolutionize your law firm and deliver better, quicker service while growing your practice.

Learn more about Contractbook’s solutions for lawyers here and discover why we are an essential part of a growing number of legal firms’ tech stacks!

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