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September 12, 2022

Top 8 PandaDoc Alternatives in 2022

Most people have trouble writing proposal documents. This widespread issue leads to discouraging statistics and lost sales. Fortunately, proposal writing software is available to make the creation of proposals a lot easier and thereby generate more revenue. 

PandaDoc is such software. It helps you write good-looking proposals and frees up labor involved in a document workflow - from creation og signature. PandaDoc is a comprehensive platform that allows teams with rapid growth to produce, manage, and sign digital documents like quotations, contracts, and more.

However, there are other trustworthy proposal- and contract management programs available besides PandaDoc. This article will examine the top PandaDoc substitutes. 

But first, why do you need Proposal Management Software?

3 Key Benefits of Proposal Management Software

Using proposal software can be extremely helpful, especially if you work in sales. Here are the most popular reasons this tool is beneficial to a variety of businesses:

Enhanced Branding

Use a proposal program to add your company's logo, colors, and other identifying features to your submissions. A well-branded, professional proposal will certainly help you win more business.

Substantial Time Savings

With a propsal software you spent less time on bureaucratic busy work, so you get more time to work on tasks that increases the revenye for your business. 

MS Word is excellent for writing documents. However, it lacks key features for efficiently creating proposals that attract new business. The best proposal software contains the resources necessary to swiftly produce excellent proposals, enabling you to shift focus and finish other crucial activities.

Greater Earnings

Using proposal software, you can automatically add branding to your proposals, making them appear more professional to your clients. Automating branding on your proposals speeds up the process of creating proposals allowing you and your teams to focus on more important tasks that generate profit.

Growing revenue without sacrificing time is the ultimate objective of every sales representative, independent contractor, and business owner. Software for proposals will specifically help you with this.

The Top 8 PandaDoc Alternatives

With that, here are the best PandaDoc alternatives:

  1. Contractbook

Contractbook's software enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage the whole lifecycle of their contracts using a single, fully automated approach. Contractbook is not only focused on the creation and signing aspect. The software allows you to manage your tasks and obligations related to your contracts after they're signed as well. 

Backed by investors such as Google's Gradient Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners and Tiger Global, Contractbook is a strong contender on the market. Their vision is to be more than a proposal solution and, in fact, offer a true end-to-end experience for small and medium-sized businesses. 

For teams in sales, human resources, operations, and legal working in organizations with especially 50-250 people, Contractbook is the perfect option. It helps you streamline your contract workflows, decrease errors, and boost productivity.

There's one foundational price and four add-ons for Contractbook, with the base costing $400.

  • Foundation
  • Sales Add-on
  • HR Add-on
  • Operations Add-on
  • Compliance Add-on


Your company will benefit from DealHub's Revenue Platform, a  zero-code platform that allows sales teams to close new and subscription businesses from any location while leading prospects through the sales funnel.

The DealHub Platform includes features such as:

  • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)
  • Subscription Management
  • Contract Management
  • Digital DealRoom
  • Real-time Buyer Intent Insights
  • eSign

For, pricing is available upon request.

  1. Qwilr

Businesses can build the ideal proposal, pitch, sales quote, and more with Qwilr. Each Qwilr Page you send is beautifully designed and includes sophisticated tracking, automation, and analytics.

Qwilr allows you to:

  • Stand out from the crowd by sending attention-grabbing documents using Qwilr's simple page builder, vast image and video library, designer-created themes, and more.
  • Tell your unique brand story using Qwilr's brand editor, which applies your fonts and colors to every page, a custom subdomain, and easy-to-add custom pictures and videos.
  • Connect directly to Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Xero, and other popular business platforms to eliminate busywork. Moreover, you can track interaction, payments, and more by automating your communications.
  • Quicken the conversation pace by tracking page views, focusing on which areas are most interesting to readers, and knowing when they return to the page for a second look. Analytics support timely follow-up and content customization.
  • Develop a productive sales team by expanding your reach and doing away with copy-and-paste. Create a library of documents you can quickly edit for each new prospect.

Qwilr has two available plans:

  1. Proposify

You may take command of and maintain visibility over the most significant step of your sales process with the help of the online proposal software, Proposify. With Proposify, you will gain the self-assurance and adaptability necessary to take control of the deal-making process from beginning to end.

The features of Proposify include an editor for adaptable and simple designs, electronic signatures, CRM connectors, data-driven insights, interactive pricing, content management, approvals, and a great deal more. These capabilities let you do the following things:

  • Make convincing sales documents while ensuring they are error-free and consistent.
  • Obtain the insights you require to scale your process, precisely forecast moving forward, and make timely engagements.
  • Make sure your clients and potential clients have a smooth experience while signing off.

Take a look at the Business Plan for pricing info. 

  1. Prospero

If Proposify excels at serving huge corporations, Prospero excels at helping small businesses, such as those managed by freelancers and sole proprietors.

There are 30 eye-catching templates in the Prospero template library. Of course, when considering volume alone, that might not sound as appealing as software like PandaDoc. However, the Prospero value is inherent in quality instead of quantity. Each expert template can instantly and effortlessly change by including your company's logo, images, videos, custom tables, and more.

If prospective customers wish to continue forward with the business relationship, they can do so by electronically signing your proposal, which can help you close agreements more quickly. Utilizing electronic signatures is significant since many sole proprietors, and independent contractors regularly struggle with problems related to their financial flow.

Lastly, Prospero has integrations with Stripe, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks, in addition to other tools, to simplify its users' workflows and make monitoring their finances easier.

  1. Better Proposals

Better Proposals is an easy-to-use piece of proposal software with many helpful features. Since it is an all-in-one editor, it provides professionally designed templates that you can customize to your specifications. Plus, it houses a content library where you can store frequently used pieces of content for quick retrieval and much more.

Not to mention, this brilliant gem comes equipped with real-time notifications. You will receive notifications from Better Proposals whenever your proposal is viewed, sent, printed, etc. You will be able to win new business by following up with leads at the optimal period, thanks to the information that gets provided.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe believes that documents are more than merely a compilation of facts and evidence. They are the cornerstones of linking people and ideas, which is essential to a company's progression. Thanks to Adobe Acrobat Sign, your company can move more quickly.

The only user-friendly e-signature solution that combines Adobe Acrobat's strength with straightforward and safe e-signatures is called Acrobat Sign. You may create, sign, transmit for signature, manage, and track documents with Acrobat Sign, all from the same Adobe platform. By allowing your customers and teams to sign documents on any device or browser, whenever they want, you can give them great signing experiences: There is no need for additional software downloads or accounts.

Choose Acrobat Sign to minimize your exposure to legal and compliance concerns because it gets designed to be universally compliant and legally enforceable in the vast majority of countries throughout the world.

  1. DocSend

Dropbox DocSend enables business professionals like yourself to safely share and maintain control over the content essential to your company's growth. Dropbox DocSend's sophisticated link-based system makes it simple to:

  • Configure security choices for each stakeholder
  • Receive updates each time someone views your file
  • Assess content performance page-by-page
  • Create cutting-edge virtual deal rooms

With over 25,000 businesses relying on Dropbox DocSend to share and manage confidential information, DocSend has four different pricing tiers.


Proposal software will provide you with a competitive advantage, save you a ton of time, and assist you in increasing revenue. The difficult part is deciding which option is best. You should conduct research before deciding which option to implement into your business. Different options exist because each offers a unique value proposition for a specific use case.

To make the most informed choice, reread this post and engage in more research by perusing online review sites to get a sense of each app.

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