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May 30, 2022

WATCH: Our new native Wet Signature has arrived

WATCH: Our new native Wet Signature has arrived
CPO, Founder
WATCH: Our new native Wet Signature has arrivedWATCH: Our new native Wet Signature has arrived

We at Contractbook have been asked for a wet signature many times. Users like the idea that they can draw a signature, they also like the fact that with this type of signature there is no need for a phone number, you just sign and go.

Of course all of our signature processes are secure, but for some it is a preference, or a company standard to use this feature.

The ability to draw a signature is native to our solution and that means you would not have to use a third party integration. And so another reliable, secure and functional choice of signature is added.

Wait! What? Wet signature, what the hell is that?

A wet signature is the type signature you used to queue for when you saw your heroes play sport or play in a band. Waiting in line or just ambushing the nearest celebrity for an autograph is now called, a selfie - a potential felony in waiting for the over enthusiastic.

To confirm. Ink is wet. A signature is something that was once signed. Wet Signature - You're welcome.

We understand that if you sign a signature, in a receiving of a parcel type way, it is not wet it is on a screen with a stylus. We know, but "screen scribble" does not have the same ring to it.

With so many choices of signature already it seemed logical to add this to the family. What next facial recognition signing? Thumbprint a la iPhone 6? Probably.

Until then watch this video (above) and then come back and continue reading...

The majority of people that once used to practice a signature as a child are now no longer able to use it. Why was it practiced? Because everyone had the dream of being rich and famous, and those people get asked for autographs.

native Wet Signature

Another reason is signing your bank card, or a check... A check was a piece of paper that you gave to someone to pay for something, somewhere. "You mean money?" ... No. Stop it. Google it.

We now sign with a click, or SMS, or country specific eID whereby you just pop in your specific number and password and you are done. More secure than having someone master your physical signature and use it to get out of phys. ed. (Which was another reason to practice a signature, though not yours, one of your parents - which never happened, honest).

A lot of people cannot use their written signature anymore, they become famous, nobody asks them for an autograph, they just want a selfie. Don't feel bad though, the rich and famous are not sad about this.

People used to make big bucks from the innocent signature. A signed bit of paper from an illusive  celebrity, ebay that, like this guy did. Sign my team jersey, ebay it. Sign a picture, ebay it. Absolutely nobody ebays a selfie. But they do ebay a chicken nugget.

Things you can do with a native wet signature via Contractbook:

  • Finalize sales on the move via mobile (signature can be drawn with your finger)
  • SAVE money, this signature is native to Contractbook
  • No need for additional information (e.g Phone number - SMS)
  • In the event of a cyber attack where your eSignature is unavailable, sign it wet style.
  • Make things look old fashioned, because - vintage!

Or quite frankly, you may just prefer a wet signature over any other type, and that my friends is your choice.

The point is, you can now satisfy the need to sign your name on documents, in a wet signature kind of way that is not really wet but is legally binding and is another option for Contractbook users. Enjoy!

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