Women in legal tech

Mikkel Boris
September 14, 2021

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Women in legal tech

To celebrate International Women's Day, Legal Tech Academy invited 5 women pioneers to discuss the female contribution to legal tech.

What is it like to work in legal tech? What are the struggles? And what can the industry do to become more inclusive? Those are just some of the topics, we discussed with our panel.  

Enjoy the first session of 2021 with:

- Malin Männikkö, DLA Piper

- Mariana Hagström, Avokaado

- Maya Markovich, Nextlaw Labs.

- Aikta Wahi, PacerPro

- Orsolya Szabo, Legal Tech Consultancy

Sincerely yours

The Legal Tech Academy by Contractbook and The Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen

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