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Can you claim to modernize workflows and still base it on PDF? Not really. Using a product for contracts based on PDF nowadays is like trying to play Quidditch with no broomstick. Contractbook is an all-in-one contract lifecycle management platform in a dynamic data format that enables your to automate your entire workflow.

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If you want a workflow worthy of the 21st Century, Contractbook is for you.

Game changers

Here are the 3 main reasons why Contractbook is better than 

Adobe Sign

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contractbook is the pinnacle of CLM. We are with you from the start of the process right through to your renewals or renegotiation. We do not stop at the signature phase because Contractbook knows that's is not the end of our journey.

You can use our task management function to set reminders, alerts and assign responsibilities to recipients or colleagues. Our automations are second to none, it is a complete process which holistic nature.

The Prisoner of PDF

With Contractbook, your contracts are created and stored in a data-rich and dynamic format that enables you to harness, structure and utilize the business intelligence in the contracts and create automated workflows.

A PDF is fine to display data in a printable and well-designed way.But who is printing in the 21st Century? Contractbook is the better option if you want to make data-driven decisions and streamline your dataflow to prepare for AI.

The future? Automation is the now

At Contractbook we know that you want the best, most flexible tools available. That is why we built and developed automations that fit right into workflow. Use our task management to ensure collaborations are seamless.

Set reminders and alerts for those contracts that need renewing in the future. Version history and the ability to track changes across duplicated contracts is a must. You will not get this level of flexibility and control over your processes with Adobe Signs PDF-centric tech.

Feature compare

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Template Gallery

Online Editor

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Contract Generator

No Code Template Builder

Bulk Sending

Comments and Negotiation

Version History

Digital Signature



Task Management

Data Friendly

Audit and Activities

Unlimited Storage

Shared Folders

Document Automation

Seamless Integration

Onboarding and Support

Technical Assistance

Single Sign-On


Access to API

End-to-end Contract lifecycle management

(Dedicated Personal Customer Success)

Contractbook is an automated digital platform enabling you to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow, allowing you to store all of your contracts in a secure and organized location. Furthermore, Contractbook can be integrated with thousands of other apps to create automated workflows and data-driven setups.

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Target audience

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

Adobe Sign is the eSignature arm of Adobe, the same company that owns the Adobe Cloud suite. Although claiming to digitize the entire flow of signing documents they use outdated processes and although they have taken measures to enable some sort of customization to PDFs, it is actually a flawed process. There is no flexibility with PDF-centric tech, the limits are unlimited, so why would you do that to yourself and your clients?

Target audience

Small and enterprise businesses.

Pricing and value for money

Contractbook offers a Foundation plan where you can create, sign and organize all your contracts in a single streamlined repository for $400/month. You get a tool that enables you to collaborate seamlessly - whether it’s with your team, external guests or other parties. you also get a streamlined dataflow that enables you to automate all the manual tasks related to contracts, so you can spend your time where it has real impact.

On top of that, you can have specific add-ons for sales teams, HR-teams, compliance departments and operations that allows you to tailor specific automated workflows from your contracts. Read more here.

The seven-day freemium option is available. The small business payment option is priced at $36.50 a month per user and a choice of 1-9 is available.  For large businesses, the pricing varies from $39.99 for 10 or more users and contains a three-year agreement. Finally, there is an option of the Enterprise model however there is a price on application system in place.

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