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Concord focus on enterprise end larger businesses rather than small and medium-sized businesses where Contractbook operates. Furthermore, Contractbook believes that true automation does not come in the guise of grandfather tech. With Contractbook you can truly harness contract data for workflow automation and business intelligence.

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If you want a workflow worthy of the 21st Century, Contractbook is for you.

Game changers

Here are the 3 main reasons why Contractbook is better than 


SMBs for automation

Contractbook does not feel that automation and our efforts to simplify CLM should just be for enterprises. Small and medium businesses also deserve first-class tools that simplify their process, streamline their workflow, with dynamism in your workforce you need a dynamic product. With Contractbook you get access to an array of automations to assist you in creating, developing, and collaborating on contracts.

Our automations help you organize, strategize and execute. Contractbook can also help you keep all of your contracts in a safe and secure place, and organized library, using our Gmail Importer. It will integrate with your Google suite and extract your contracts in a matter of seconds.

Better communication

The future of work is connected. Great communication through every step of the process is paramount for getting deals signed and sealed in good time and with minimal fuss. Collaboration is vital for this.

Contractbook value the fact that communication is vital to achieving the objectives set let alone finalizing deals and getting that signature on the dotted line. That’s why with Contractbook you have the ability to collaborate effectively, leave comments, and create tasks for colleagues or signatories.

A streamlined dataflow

You cannot automate, fully, a static PDF. To put it quite simply. You cannot be a forward-thinking provider, or a forward-thinking company, and include the phrase “Where is the PDF?” - Do you need that on a floppy disc too?

Contractbook enables a streamlined and unified data flow where all your data is harnessed and structured, so you can gain more business intelligence and automate your contracts throughout their entire lifecycle. That is what separates our vision from most others.

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Template Gallery

Online Editor

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Contract Generator

No Code Template Builder

Bulk Sending

Comments and Negotiation

Version History

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Task Management

Data Friendly

Audit and Activities

Unlimited Storage

Shared Folders

Document Automation

Seamless Integration

Onboarding and Support

Technical Assistance

Single Sign-On


Access to API

End-to-end Contract lifecycle management

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Contractbook is an automated digital platform enabling you to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow, allowing you to store all of your contracts in a secure and organized location. Furthermore, Contractbook can be integrated with thousands of other apps to create automated workflows and data-driven setups.

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Target audience

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

Contract management. Priding themselves on a quick setup, a product that works all the way through an organization with automations. A similar product to Contractbook but not as forward-thinking and while they focus on enterprises, we focus on SMB’s. Some reviews though cast doubt on the ease of the product and quite scathing about the use of PDF claiming that Concord creates more problems than solutions. This is all something that this particular reviewer would have resolved with Contractbook. We do not have clients searching endlessly for PDF and we do not expect them to function by using boomer tech.

Target audience


Pricing and value for money

Contractbook offers a Foundation plan where you can create, sign and organize all your contracts in a single streamlined repository for $400/month. You get a tool that enables you to collaborate seamlessly - whether it’s with your team, external guests or other parties. you also get a streamlined dataflow that enables you to automate all the manual tasks related to contracts, so you can spend your time where it has real impact.

On top of that, you can have specific add-ons for sales teams, HR-teams, compliance departments and operations that allows you to tailor specific automated workflows from your contracts. Read more here.

A free version of Concord’s system exists and boasts some basic features. Then the Standard package is $23 per month per user which includes the ability to bulk send and some extra support features. Next is Pro for $46 per user per month with features that include everything from the Standard package plus an open API. Beyond this is an Enterprise option and the price is available upon request.

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