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ContractPodAI uses its software to read, analyze and report on information in contracts. Contractbook is an all-in-one, end-to-end solution that can be utilized right through your business. Whether in sales, finance, operations, or what not, you can ensure your workflow is enhanced by seamless integration with over 3000 apps, ‘task management’ ensures collaboration is foolproof and you will not miss a beat.

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If you want a workflow worthy of the 21st Century, Contractbook is for you.

Game changers

Here are the 3 main reasons why Contractbook is better than 


Native signature

ContractPodAi relies on a non-native eSignature from the likes of DocuSign and Adobe Sign which can be expensive for the user. With Contractbook you can rely on the fact that we have our own signatures native to our solution. You do not have to rely on other parties to have your deals signed - and your digital signature is free and unlimited.

For modern companies

If you are a small or medium-sized business then really you are looking for a solution like Contractbook. As a focus, ContractPodAi targets in-house legal teams, but why should a small business not be able to harness their data and streamline their business in the same sleek way as an enterprise, or better? Contractbook helps modern companies scale their legal operations and trigger growth with contract automation.


Thanks to a dynamic and machine-friendly data format, Contractbook enables you to harness the data in your contracts and use it to build automated workflows and unlock valuable business insights in your contracts. While Contractbook does not rely on third-party integration for its signatures, it can be integrated with over 3000 apps - seamlessly. Brimming with automation, from creation to execution and even beyond, Contractbook is a continuous format even post signature.

Feature compare

Contractbook logo

Template Gallery

Online Editor

Upload Contract Legacy

Contract Generator

No Code Template Builder

Bulk Sending

Comments and Negotiation

Version History

Digital Signature



Task Management

Data Friendly

Audit and Activities

Unlimited Storage

Shared Folders

Document Automation

Seamless Integration

Onboarding and Support

Technical Assistance

Single Sign-On


Access to API

End-to-end Contract lifecycle management

(Dedicated Personal Customer Success)

Custom templates


Third party digital signature

Collaboration tools

Contractbook is an automated digital platform enabling you to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow, allowing you to store all of your contracts in a secure and organized location. Furthermore, Contractbook can be integrated with thousands of other apps to create automated workflows and data-driven setups.

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Target audience

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

ContractPodAi is an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. Their AI reads, analyzes, and reports on contract information and uses automation.

Target audience

In-house legal teams. Enterprises.

Pricing and value for money

Contractbook has a strong freemium offer where you can create, sign, and organize your contracts. If you want the full value of our contract management platform, we recommend the Core-plan for $115/month for 3 users + $10 per extra user.

You can also Automate every part of a contract lifecycle and integrate with 3000+ other apps for just $420/month for 3 users. Get a dedicated customer success manager and solution architect helping you to streamline and synergize your workflow. Receive technical assistance in onboarding.

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