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Penneo helps companies with their digital signature. It’s a fairly simple product in comparison to Contractbook that offers an end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform where you can automate every single step.

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If you want a workflow worthy of the 21st Century, Contractbook is for you.

Game changers

Here are the 3 main reasons why Contractbook is better than 



Contractbook has automation running through its core, it sets the bar for others to try and emulate. Penneo has some automation themselves and kudos to them for it. With Contractbook, however, you can automate every single step in your contracts’ lifecycle.

We do not try to mask a  PDF document as an automation. We enable you to work dynamically with your contracts and leverage the data they contain to work smarter.

The signature is not the end

Contractbook is way more than a signature. We believe that signatures are a basic commodity that you shouldn’t pay for. That is why we give you unlimited signatures for free.

However, Contractbook is not only a digital signature. That is just one feature in our end-to-end solution where you can create, sign, organize and execute all your contracts in a single streamlined workflow.

Customize your workflow

Contractbook is a second to none, holistic solution that can be integrated with your current workflow. You can seamlessly slot in 3000 apps with Contractbook which helps to enhance your workflow, with little disruption.

You are free to create, develop and execute contracts in a way that compliments your organization.

Feature compare

Contractbook logo

Template Gallery

Online Editor

Upload Contract Legacy

Contract Generator

No Code Template Builder

Bulk Sending

Comments and Negotiation

Version History

Digital Signature



Task Management

Data Friendly

Audit and Activities

Unlimited Storage

Shared Folders

Document Automation

Seamless Integration

Onboarding and Support

Technical Assistance

Single Sign-On


Access to API

End-to-end Contract lifecycle management

(Dedicated Personal Customer Success)





Contractbook is an automated digital platform enabling you to manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow, allowing you to store all of your contracts in a secure and organized location. Furthermore, Contractbook can be integrated with thousands of other apps to create automated workflows and data-driven setups.

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Target audience

Small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

Penneo aims to help companies organize and automate digital signature processes quickly, securely, and effortlessly. Focused predominantly on the signature phase, and aiming for medium-sized finance businesses Penneo has a pricing structure aimed at signatures and beyond that is more focused on specific products for individual departments. Contractbook, however, covers all of this right through the process, from start to finish.

Target audience

Medium businesses.

Pricing and value for money

Contractbook has a strong freemium offer where you can create, sign, and organize your contracts right from the get go. If you want the full value of our contract management platform, we recommend the Core-plan for $115/month for 3 users + $10 per extra user.

You can also Automate every part of a contract lifecycle and integrate with 3000+ other apps for just $420/month for 3 users. Get a dedicated customer success manager and solution architect helping you to streamline and synergize your workflow. Receive technical assistance in onboarding, we don’t charge a cent for that.

Penneo has a free trial and their basic package is $150 per month for companies that require just the signature phase. After this, there is an advanced solution that doesn't have a specific price listed but lots of subcategories such as HR, accounting, and property management. With Contractbook we offer all of Penneo's solutions for a fraction of the cost and unlimited free signatures.

Using Contractbook you can be sure that we function right through your processes, we are end to end which means we are still present after the signature phase and we can streamline your process all the way through your business without raiding your budget.

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