Employment Contracts templates

What should be included in Employment Contracts? 

Contracts of employment need to include the following elements as standard to ensure that they are reliable and enforceable. These elements must be included in all types of employment agreement. Be they a Directors Employment Contract or contracts of employment on a salaried hourly or salaried permanently basis. We have these specific types as templates within our template library. 

  • Job information: title and responsibilities. Defines what the job entails as well as what it is exactly called. It is also crucial to outline who the position holder reports into. 
  • Benefits and compensation. In this section, an employment contract must clearly set out what a person is going to be paid and how. Different contracts can be used depending on how the employment is structured - i.e hourly, salaried or fixed term. It is also essential to include what benefits or bonuses a position holder is entitled to, even if they are not monetary. 
  • Time off, sick days and vacation. How a company deals with time off or holiday needs to have its own separate section, in addition to including how it approaches employee sick days. For example, stating an acceptable number of consecutive sick days. How many days or weeks vacation should be defined clearly, as well as how any untaken holiday should be accounted for. 
  • Working hours. Employment contracts need to include what the office hours of a position are, or what that would look like if a person works remotely.  
  • Employment period. This section can also include how long a person’s employment is for, or if it is on a rolling basis.
  • Confidentiality agreements or non disclosure agreements. Finally, employment contracts should include how confidential information should be handled by employees and how confidential information is defined. 

When should I use an Employment Contract? 

You should use an Employment Agreement whenever you need to establish the rights and responsibilities between a would-be employee and an employer. There are many types of Employment Contracts these days which is why we have so many types of Employment Contract templates in our library. Any type of employee needs both the legal protection of a contract, but also the chance to negotiate the terms upon which they are being employed. On the flip side, an employer can determine the best terms and conditions for them when it comes to employing a person, in whichever employment types they believe most suitable. 

Why should I use an Employment Contract?

Employment Contracts should be used in any instance where an agreement between a potential employee and employer needs to be defined. They are the ultimate conflict prevention tool by agreeing upon all terms and conditions before the employment begins. It means that both parties know what is required and expected of them from the outset. As a result, employment can get off to the very best start. The new employee knows what he or she has to do in the role, and when. They also know what they will be paid in return. The Employment Contract (fixed term, hourly, salaried or permanent) means that both parties are more likely to keep to what the documents outlines. 

Where and how should I use Employment Contract templates? 

Our Employment Contracts templates can be used in all situations where an employee is being put on a company’s payroll. If used from the very beginning of creating a contract, our templates will ensure that every single element that needs to be included is always there. In doing so, all parties involved will have their legal position protected. However, while contracts can definitely be used in the case of a breach to help resolve disputes, what is also great about them is the fact that they help minimise the chances of disputes in the first place. As everyone knows their responsibilities from the outset, each side is more likely to stick to their side of the agreement. 

In addition to the power that an Employment Contract has in minimizing legal risk in the first place, is also the advantage that so much time is saved when using a template. If you run a business where you need an Employment Contract (hourly or otherwise) on a regular basis, you will save yourself a great deal of time by having an Employment Contract to hand.  As much of the information is repeated, you can use a template to quickly update any necessary information like names automatically. It takes a great deal of the hassle out of HR paperwork and makes the resulting documents more accurate too. 

When coupled with using our app alongside our templates, a company will find that a contract becomes a far better asset that can be used to everyone’s advantage. The dynamic data format of our contracts means that information can be pulled from it so that that data is accurate. Additionally, our app and software stores contracts in a cloud so that contracts can be found quickly if needed. 

In total, therefore, our app, software and templates not only make employment contracts more accurate and reliable, they are simply much more usable - and quicker to create, sign and collaborate on too. 

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