What should be included in an eSports Contract?

Every good eSports Players Contract should include the following elements as standard. Our eSports Contract sample template is therefore a fantastic starting point if you are wondering how to make an eSports Team Contract as it not only includes these elements, but it also can be amended as you need. 

  • Term and Terminations -  When the agreement starts and ends. How and when a party should give notice of a termination. 
  • Player obligations - What is required of each party. How a team is to support a new member, and what the new member is required to do in terms of playing for the team. Additionally, what the new member cannot do - like not having another binding agreement with any other team or player organization. 
  • Events -  What meetings, practices and events the new team member must attend and what happens if the new team member cannot play on some occasions. 
  • Revenue -  How much money both parties are entitled to and why. 
  • Fines and suspensions -  Identifying that the new team member is subject to fines and suspensions from the team organizers. 
  • Null and void - What actions by the new team member makes the contract null and void
  • Renewal - How and when the agreement may be renewed.
  • Standard contract clauses - Provisions such as what the governing law is, what is determined as the entire agreement, what a waiver is and when severability can occur. In the EU version of our eSports Contract, there is a final clause for how data is processed by either party. Our US version does not require this clause. 

When should I use an eSports Contract?

You should use an eSports Player contract whenever you need to outline the responsibilities of eSport players on a team. While many individuals will be concerned with playing the game and think that is the most important concept to them, a team can actually become stronger when each member’s obligations are outlined clearly from the outset. Any team will benefit from using an eSports Contract to determine what is required of all its players, and how they are remunerated before they even start playing for a team. 

Why every eSports player needs a contract

The benefits that an eSports player gains from a contract are similar to many other types of agreement. Firstly, the likelihood of any costly legal disputes is much reduced as the obligations of every player are explicitly mentioned in their contract. They therefore know what is expected of them, and as a result, are more likely to meet those obligations. When it comes to a team, that is a hugely beneficial thing as all members can gain comfort from the idea that they can depend on their other teammates. Relationships built upon trust and respect - two notions that teams need to have huge amounts of - transpire and team spirit is much improved. The hope would be that better results follow too.

Where and how should I use an eSports Contract template?

eSports Contract templates really come into their own if you are ever left wondering what does an eSports contract look like or even how to make an eSports contract. That’s because templates, like ours, include essential elements as standard. You can be confident that your contracts are legally binding, enforceable and, ultimately, useful. Even if you do not have to rely upon them to resolve a legal dispute, they are still incredibly helpful as they have meant they have kept all parties involved upholding their responsibilities and obligations. 

Templates are even more useful when it comes to generating such contracts as they quicken the pace of creation. When used in conjunction with our app and software, templates are fantastic for automatically generating contracts as and when they are needed. So, if you need several eSports Player Contracts created on a frequent basis, you can rely on our dynamic data format to do so accurately. Plus, our contracts do not cease to be useful once signed. Our software can set up automatic tasks as required by the terms and conditions within them. For example, contract renewals can become automated - freeing up your time to be spent far more productively elsewhere. 

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