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We help soonicorns become unicorns and unicorns thrive.

Contractbook simplifies and automates contract management to empower a new generation of businesses and make them feel at ease with their legal work. Apply for our startup discount (up to 83%!) today.

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Contract management made  easy and efficient.

Contractbook is build for startups looking to grow their business and scale their legal operations.

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All-in-one contract management

Create, sign and organize your contracts in a single streamlined workflow for a grander overview and increased efficiency. Get your legal work under control from the beginning.

Collaborate seamlessly

Review, negotiate and approve contracts directly on the platform and share your work with team members and external guests for increased transparency and better agreements.

Trigger growth with contract automation

Auto-generate flawless contracts in no time, build self-executing contracts that trigger a whole chain of events, and connect all your tools in a single automated workflow. Say goodbye to manual work and spend time on growing your business.

Unlock precious business intelligence

Thanks to our dynamic and machine-friendly data format, Contractbook can unlock all the business intelligence kept in your contracts - the central source of truth in the most critical aspects of your business.

Contractbook for Unicorns and Soonicorns

Contractbook is made for high-growth startups looking to scale. Get up to  83% discount on any of our plans depending on your funding stage and maturity level.
Apply now and let us find a good price for you.

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Contractbook partners with accelerators and incubators to help young companies grow and scale with contract automation. Contact us if you want to partner up with us or want us to get in touch with your accelerator.

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