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"Our Contractbook-setup has saved us days”

Contractbook has built an automated onboarding process around Burd's employee contracts

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"Our Contractbook-setup has saved us days”

Burd Delivery is a Danish tech & logistics company that offers same-day delivery for webshops. In most cases, they are the last touchpoint the webshop has with the customer, so they focus on providing the most excellent service in the market. That entails offering a smile when the package is delivered and using tech to make a timely and reliable delivery - right down to the very minute.

Burd Delivery understands when to be tech- and data-driven and when to apply an emphatic human touch that enhances the customer experience. That is key to their success. And success they have.

Burd Delivery is in a high-growth phase where they hire at scale. Because Burd Delivery understands the responsibility that comes with having people work for you, they hire their staff on contract. That has proved to be a challenge since the company is also part of a gig economy with a high employee churn. However, with Contractbook, that is no longer a problem.

Contractbook is part of its automated onboarding process. Whenever a new employee contacts Burd Delivery on their website, they receive a form where they can type in some basic information about themselves. Based on that information, an employment contract is auto-generated and sent for signature. Once the contract is signed, it self-executes.

The new employees automatically receive further onboarding information, and they are automatically created in Burd Delivery’s Salary system. From the moment the new employee visits their website, to when they arrive at their facility ready for their first gig, everything is automated.

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“This automation is super reliable and we don’t risk making any typing errors in our contracts”

Burd Delivery still has a human in the loop to review certain parts of the process, but all routine manual tasks have been automated. That has saved them at least 15 minutes on each new employee with this automation. And there are hundreds of them.

Furthermore, as the employees fill in all their personal data themselves, and the contracts are auto-generated, the entire process is risk-free for them. They are making no legal errors and have totally eradicated typos when there is no copy/pasting work.

Contractbook has helped Burd Delivery with a data-driven, scalable and automated setup that can last for years and brings value to them on a daily basis.

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Burd Delivery has a scalable and risk-free onboarding setup that saves them days of work.
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