Managing Director @ Frankly Juice

“Contract automation is a way to future-proof my business.”

Frankly Juice has used the Gmail Importer and other contract automations to create a super-efficient and easily manageable setup.

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“The Gmail importer will, in five minutes, fixed a problem that would otherwise take days to fix.”

Frankly Juice is a juice manufacturer based in Denmark. They have been using Contractbook since the beginning and worked with us through the entire journey. However, a few contracts have been managed through email for various reasons. Frankly Juice knows the value of having everything sorted out and organised in a single great overview, and the Gmail importer has made that, otherwise manual, task a lot easier. In five minutes, they had all documents extracted and uploaded to Contractbook.

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“Contract automation is a way to future-proof my business.”

Today, Frankly Juice uses several of your contract automation solutions to make their contractual work more manageable and efficient. Not only are automations time-saving. These automation features also streamline the workflows and limit human errors which is an excellent way to mitigate the legal risk. With the Gmail importer, they ensure that all contracts are uploaded to a single overview and single data format, which prepares them for a future full of data-driven contract automation.

The greatest value:


By taking full advantage of all our automation features, Frankly Juice has a super-efficient setup that mitigates all the legal risks connected to human errors.
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