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“Contractbook’s great and customizable API plays a key role in our success”

Using our customizable API has enabled to integrate Contractbook's signature process on their investment platform.

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“Contractbook’s great and customizable API plays a key role in our success” is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors and property developers. In order to ensure a high level of security, full transparency and to comply with AML/KYC legislation, they have had to implement a set of secure digital workflows without compromising the user experience. What they need was a customizable API and of course the ability to integrate a signing process deep into the investment flow for a sublime user experience.

“With Contractbook we have developed a world class online investment platform”

The solution was a tailored API-solution that integrates Contractbook’s digital NemID signature with their investment flow. Through predefined standard documents investors on the platform can auto-generate an auto-signed contract draft only needing the investors secure digital Nem-ID signature to be full and final. When the agreement is signed with the digital signature, they are automatically redirected back to their investment flow on - just like the payment solutions that we’ve all been accustomed to. It is easy and super smart!

Online investment platform

About is an online crowdlending platform that matches private investors with property development projects.

The Greatest Value:
Customizable API

Our customizable API and the flexible Zapier-setup enables you to customize your very contract setup and integrate the platform to thousands of other apps.

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