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“Contractbook’s great and customizable API plays a key role in our success.”

Using our customisable API has enabled to integrate Contractbook's signature process on their investment platforms

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“Contractbook’s great and customizable API plays a key role in our success” is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors and property developers. In order to ensure a high level of security, full transparency and to comply with AML/KYC legislation, they have had to implement a set of secure digital workflows without compromising the user experience. What they need was a customisable API and of course the ability to integrate a signing process deep into the investment flow for a sublime user experience.

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“With Contractbook we have developed a world class online investment platform”

The solution was a tailored API-solution that integrates Contractbook’s digital NemID signature with their investment flow. Through predefined standard documents investors on the platform can auto-generate an auto-signed contract draft only needing the investors secure digital Nem-ID signature to be full and final. When the agreement is signed with the digital signature, they are automatically redirected back to their investment flow on - just like the payment solutions that we’ve all been accustomed to. It is easy and super smart!

The greatest value:

Customisable API

Our API and the flexible Zapier-setup enables you to customise your very contract setup and integrate the platform to thousands of other apps.
Power up your work with smart automations and customised integrations
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