“Contractbook has helped us scale internationally”

By using an easy Typeform-integration, LuggageHero has developed an efficient, simple and scalable setup.

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“Contractbook has helped us scale internationally”

LuggageHero is a bit like Airbnb for luggage. You can drop off your luggage in one of the many LuggageHero partner shops around the world and enjoy your time in a city without the weight of your luggage. In each of the cities they are present in, they have freelancers that scouts and make deals with new LuggageHero shops where customers can drop off their luggage. They often need to create and sign contracts on the spot. As LuggageHero signs 10 to 20 contracts in this distributed fashion each day, they need a system that enables easy creation and signing of contracts for their freelancers as well as central control and overview from their office in Copenhagen.

“The way Contractbook can integrate with other systems makes it super simple for us”

The solution was a simple and easy setup with an integration between Contractbook and Typeform. In this way, their freelancers can use a quick questionnaire to gather all information and then sign a contract on the spot. This setup enables their freelancers to work efficiently and independently with centrally controlled templates that ensures the consistent quality of the contract. At the same time, LuggageHero gets the total overview of all their hundreds of contracts as they have one central account where they can monitor and manage everything. This easy setup has enabled them to scale their business internationally.  

Luggage storage


LuggageHero is an app you can use to find local shops where you can store your luggage while on vacation.

The Greatest Value:

Thanks to a digital and semi-automated setup the Typeform-integration makes it easy to create a super scalable contract flow.

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Using a totally digital setup is not only quicker and easier. It is also making Talentgarden waste way less paper.