“We are happy to support the environment through Contractbook's forestation project”

By using a digital signatur, Pernod Ricard saves time, paper and CO2. They even support planting of new trees.

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“I have to vouch for our salary spent, so the time-saving element is important. That said, it is equally important that we reduce our CO2-emissions and don't waste unnecessary recourses.”

Pernod Ricard is a global alcohol producer and supplier. Their Danish branch uses Contractbook as a digital signature tool in their sales department. In this way, the representatives do not have to drive around to collect signed sales contracts at the venues around the country. By keeping everything digital, they save a lot of time and also reduce their CO2-emissions significantly compared to the manual solution.

“We are happy to support the environment through Contractbook's forestation project”

It is a global policy in Pernod Ricard that paper waste should be limited to a minimum which encourages them to use digital solutions to manage their documents. All approval of internal documents is therefor handled on Contractbook, using our digital signature. For every approved document, they spare at least one piece of paper. Often, it is even more since there are sometimes corrections to the documents. Their usage of Contractbook's digital signature means that they plant at least one tree per month thanks to Contractbook's forestation campaign where we plant a tree for every hundred signatures on the platform.

Food and beverages


Pernod Ricard a Global alcohol producer and supplier.

The Greatest Value:
The Climate

By using our digital signature, you spare paper, reduce CO2-emissions and even support reforestation of Earth.

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Using a totally digital setup is not only quicker and easier. It is also making Talentgarden waste way less paper.