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“The automation is flexible and offered in a pricing structure that fits our expansion plans well."

Wedio uses Contractbook's API-integration to automate their work and scale their business in new markets

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“This, combined with a pricing structure that fit our expansion plans, is an extremely flexible solution."

Wedio is a community where professional filmmakers and photographers can share, lend and rent their gear to each other. When Wedio launched their marketplace, they handled all the rental contracts manually - in a true startup fashion as they say. However, as soon as they experienced traction, they realised that they needed to find an automated solution. They now run all their contracts through Contractbook via an API-integration, so they have minimal manual involvement.

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“Contractbook has supported us through the process of scaling our concept to other geographical markets."

In the current setup, lenders fill out all information about the gear, while Wedio fills out the information about the render and the lender. Then Contractbook's automation takes care of the rest. Because of the way Contractbook's pricing is structured, Wedio has been able to adjust their setup as they scaled and expanded to international markets. With this flexible model, Contractbook can support Wedio with continuously more advanced setups and always suit their changing needs.

The greatest value:

Scalable pricing

Contractbook supports companies from startups to scaleups and established enterprises. There is a plan and and price for everyone and it changes through different stages.
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