Use contract automation to make your contractual work more efficient, streamlined and compliant.

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Create better contracts faster

Our questionnaires are intuitive and easy to use. Generate a flawless contract in just a few minutes. Save time on tedious manual work and spent it on something more valuable.

Mitigate legal risks

Streamline your documents and eradicate human errors. With contract automation you make sure everybody works with the same, updated documents.

Become data-driven

Digitise your workflow, organise your data and ensure you are future-proof. We ensure that you can leverage the data in your contracts in the most advanced way.

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Everyone works with contracts - we work with everyone

Our solutions are suited for larger organisations that work with low-complexity contracts high-frequency. We develop for HR, sales, procurement, legal counsel, everyone.

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According to IACCM*, 80% of companies struggle to find their contracts.

* The Global Contract Management Association. See source

A world of opportunities

Connect the tool to our contract lifecycle management platform where the automatically The future is connected, automated and data-driven. Enter it now with our contract automation tool. Use Zapier to integrate with more than 2000 other apps or apply our custom API to create your own automation setups and frictionless dataflows. Integrate Contractbook your CLM, your HR-tool or your accounting system to make a fully digital setup. Generated contracts can be signed digitally, stored in the cloud, executed efficiently and managed properly.

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