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The legal tech industry is full of bullshit: overselling software companies, law firms wishing to be perceived as more visionary than they actually are, and smarmy consultants without anything real to offer. Anders Spile is none of that. He says what he means, practices what he preaches, and wants to see results. That is why he decided to study Innovation Management and engaged himself in Contractbook, a well-funded and well-oiled organization he can utilize and develop to make his vision reality: A fair, efficient and fully optimized legal industry.

I’ve met a lot of people in the legal tech community but none of them has been so passionate about innovating the legal industry as Anders Spile. Despite his otherwise laidback nature, Spile speaks with the conviction and force of a possessed reverend when the subject is legal tech and innovation. It’s almost like he is on a personal mission.

After having the chance to collect  Spiles work and present it in a uniform publication I’ve experienced new layers and this birds-eye-view of his work has evoked new perspectives on him as a writer and thinker. Suddenly, you can identify certain patterns and principles.

The first principle is that of client-centricity.  Spile wants to innovate the legal industry - not because he thinks it’s cool or because he wants to secure law firms to survive in the age of automation - his end-game is making legal work more intuitive and less opaque for the end-user.

The second principle is fluidity. Breaking down silos and solid boundaries is a macro trend. His point is that the legal industry can benefit from engaging in broader ecosystems and working closely with other industries and departments to make better products and offer better services.

And the third principle is adopting innovation practices. The legal industry is not set in stone. It must be adaptive, agile and experiment with new business models and service deliveries to optimize itself in a constantly changing, globalized world.

I encourage you to read these pieces with those overarching principles in mind to understand his vision fully. Anders Spile is a futurist. He is not apologetic about it, but he is also a practitioner. So if you take your time to read his articles thoroughly, you will be rewarded with an inspirational and visionary catalogue of ideas that you can pick from and implement directly in your practice.

Enjoy the read,

Mikkel Boris,

Communications Director in Contractbook

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