Legal Tech

9th September 2020 & 26th August 2020
16.00 - 17.30 (CEST)
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September 9th

The legal industry
of the future

Susanne Scott Levinsen
Ross Barbash
SPZ Legal
Annti Innanen

The second webinar will take a closer look at the future of the legal industry. We will discuss how technologies will disrupt, elevate and change legal services and if the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate this development. Then we will take a closer look at the concept of legal design and how it can improve access to justice for consumers and clients.

August 26th

How can young lawyers and law students prepare for 
the future?

Caitlin Moon
Vanderbilt Law School
Dirk Hartung
Bucerius Law School
Anders Spile

The first webinar will ask how young lawyers and law students can prepare themselves for a more digital future. What skills will they need? What level of tech literacy should they acquire? Should they learn to code? And who is responsible for preparing the younger generations for that future? We have invited Anders Spile, Dirk Hartung and Caitlin Moon for their perspectives.


Alexandra Andhov
Assistant professor at
University of Copenhagen
Mikkel Boris
Press & Communications
in Contractbook
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