Legal Tech Academy vol. 1

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Aug 26, 2020
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About the Event

How can young lawyers and law students prepare for the future? We invited 3 experts on legal innovation to discuss what skills young and future lawyers to thrive in the future.

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The legal industry is changing rapidly and it has been for the past years. There is a major digital transformation going on, smart technologies are entering the legal profession, and new client demands are re-shaping the market. Especially young and future lawyers can expect to work in a legal industry that looks completely different from what it does now. 

So how can they prepare for this future? How can they make sure that their skills serve the market? And who is responsible for ensuring those skills are passed on to the law students and junior lawyers? That was the topic of our very first Legal Tech Academy webinar where we invited Dirk Hartung from Bucerius Law School, Cat Moon from Vanderbilt Law School and Anders Spile from Contractbook to give their expert opinion.

Here are some important highlights from the first event: 

And if you want to consume the entire event, you can listen to this podcast:

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Registrations starting soon