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Save up to 1.5h per contract by syncing them with Hubspot

Generate smarter sales contracts. Stay on top of renewals and deadlines for good.

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Boost ROI of Hubspot CRM by generating smarter sales contracts

Generate smarter sales contracts

Pre-fill Contractbook templates with data from Hubspot, and error-proof your drafting process.

Use Hubspot deal stage updates as the trigger for contract automation

Let your deals and pipeline be the source of truth. Utilize the logged data on deals to automatically draft and send contracts.

Teamwork at its finest

Set up automation that makes certain types of contracts always go through the approvals you need. Say goodbye to the back & forth with your colleagues.

All your contracts in one place

Quickly get an overview of all contracts and their data. No more time wasted hunting them down in emails, folders, and sub-folders.

Frequently asked questions

Which plan do I need to use Contractbook & Hubspot integration?
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Hubspot is available on all of our packages; Foundation, Growth & Enterprise. Check to compare packages more in detail

How do I create contracts in HubSpot?
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Creating contracts in HubSpot is easy, provided your CRM is integrated with a contract management platform. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to automatically create a new contract draft in HubSpot when a deal stage is changed and how to update HubSpot deal properties.

Can I manage contracts in HubSpot?
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Yes, it is possible to manage contracts in HubSpot. You will need to integrate your CRM with a holistic contract management software like Contractbook. The integration will allow you to generate deal-specific contracts without ever leaving HubSpot.

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