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Save up to 1.5h per contract by syncing them with Salesforce

Reduce time to close by removing copy and paste work

Speed up contract creation and remove other repetitive, manual tasks

Stay on top of renewals & deadlines on all contracts

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Eliminate distractions and manual work. Focus on what really matters, and leave the boring repetitive tasks to us

Connect your Salesforce data in one seamless flow and build self-executing contracts that scale

Keep your contract data consistent across your tech stack and simplify your workflow with a no-code automation tool

Speed up contract creation and remove other repetitive, manual tasks

Pre-fill drafts with data from your Salesforce, and error-proof your drafting process.

Stay on top of renewals & deadlines on all contracts

Set up recurring reminders and notifications based on contract data fields —  for every signed contract.

Frequently asked questions

Which plan do I need to use Contractbook & Salesforce integration?
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Salesforce integration is available on all of our packages; Foundation, Growth & Enterprise. Check to compare the plans more in detail

What I can do with Contractbook & Salesforce integration?
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You can automate parts of your sales workflow. With the help of an in-app Automation Builder, you can automatically create a new contract draft as soon as an opportunity stage in Salesforce has been changed.

How to manage contracts in Salesforce?
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Salesforce integration with Contractbook allows you to have end-to-end contract lifecycle management while ensuring constant data sync throughout your tech stack. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to manage contracts in Salesforce for both the creation and the post-signature phases.

Can I use Salesforce for contract management?
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Salesforce can support contracts; however, it is not a substitute for a contract management software. You can enable contract management in Salesforce via integration with a platform like Contractbook and ensure your sales team spends less time doing manual admin work.

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