Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Copenhagen, Denmark • Full time

As a Sales development representative (SDR) in Contractbook you will be joining a young, vibrant and hungry sales team. It is a team that thrives in a competitive environment (yes, you will find a gong and leaderboards on the walls). Simply put, as an SDR you will book product demonstrations for our Account Executive team and nurture relationships with potential customers. You will be working in close collaboration with both the sales team and our marketing team.

The position is a great opportunity to join, influence and impact a company in rapid growth with rising organisational and development opportunities. You will become a key part of the team, and your work will have a direct influence on the revenue growth of the company.

We offer an attractive incentive structure based on high-value contracts. Travel is limited, as most customer contact will be via online meetings.

What is Contractbook

Contractbook is a Danish legal tech company backed by Google’s AI-fund, Gradient Ventures. We are on a mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation. We offer a digital contract management platform where our users are able to manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts in one flow. Create contracts with updated templates, sign them with a digital signature and organise them safely in the cloud. They can also collaborate in teams, execute the contract to fulfil obligations, and analyse their contracts to maximise their value. We also offer them an opportunity to integrate the platform with thousands of other apps and automate your workflow with our customised automations. Besides that, Contractbook also offers automated contract drafter and a client-portal for law firms. That is an advanced extension of the platform where lawyers can collaborate with their clients and support them in their day-to-day work. That allows the law firms to adopt a more client-centric and proactive approach with modern business models and new revenue streams. Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 by Niels Martin Brøchner, Jarek Owczarek and Viktor Heide. The platform has 70.000 users across 70 countries and is well-funded by Gradient Ventures and byFounders.

Why is now a good time to join Contractbook

Contractbook is a solid, well-funded company that is supported by Google’s AI-fund. We are scaling up and growing a lot these days; both in terms of headcount, revenue and experience. This is your chance to be a part of a really successful environment with a lot of victories to celebrate - especially if you are interested in joining our international journey. However, we are still a young company where you can have a lot of influence, short communication chains and a flat hierarchy among our 40 employees. You get the best from all worlds: A dynamic, vibrant and optimistic environment with many occasions to celebrate - and a place where you can grow, learn, experience and have a great impact.

The hard skills you need are:

  • a customer-centric, empathetic mindset
  • an ability to soak up knowledge...
  • ...and to transfer knowledge in a simple and effective way
  • a consultative mindset as well as excellent relationship management skills
  • an ability to communicate fluently in English  – other languages are a plus
  • some strong communication and negotiation skills
  • a “can-do” attitude which means that you are not intimidated by a series of "No's"
  • the ability to nurture relationships with potential customers
  • a winning attitude

Your colleagues say you are

  • entrepreneurial and good at creative problem-solving
  • easy to work with
  • are able to challenge the status quo, and argue why
  • driven but...
  • not have sharp elbows
  • face challenges head on

Your mom says that you are

  • productive and efficient - you get things done
  • playing with LEGO and like to built new things
  • reading the business section of the newspaper and have been since you were about 10
  • ready get your hands dirty (and she has the photos to prove it)
  • always focussing on creating win-win situations
  • probably working in IT

What it is like working at Contractbook

We work distributed and value the benefits that come from flexible work hours and environments. Our team is free to choose when and where they work. However, you are also welcome at our office in Copenhagen. We support each other and collaborate to perform like a sports team. That means we have a flat organisation structure and trust everyone to self-organise their own work. We share our knowledge and value clear, straightforward communication across the entire organisation. We simplify our work processes as much as possible and use tools to give every team member what they need. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance our performances. We always test the latest updates and let people pick the tools they prefer to work with.

We are building a harmonic group of unselfish team players. We do not allow brilliant jerks, even if it means that we miss out on some talented people. What is essential for us, is that you fit into our culture and that you show openness, ambition and motivation. In return, we will facilitate an environment where talented people can learn, grow and boost their career. See more here.

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