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Product Development • Remote • Full time

Contractbook, a legal tech company on a mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation, looking for Software Developers ready to join cross-functional teams, and:

  • participate in design and implementation of new features;
  • maintain existing code within the scope of your team;
  • write readable, functional, and well-tested code;
  • continuously improve the application;
  • research and develop solutions to problems reported by the clients;
  • have ownership of the codebase, and real impact on the product.

Core features of our work and culture:

  • Remote, async-friendly workflow embedded in the company since early beginning.
  • Cross-functional teams' members have direct impact on what is being build.
  • Rational approach to technological choices, considering modern practices.
  • We ask "why" before "how".
  • Data-influenced decisions.
  • Preferred proximity to CET, to facilitate work-life balance and effective communication.
  • Rapid research and development cycles.
  • Expecting from each-other to perform like we would in a sports team.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • As flat organization structure as it's possible.
  • Company meet-ups sometimes look like this one.
  • Continuously simplifying our work processes.
  • Headquarters in Copenhagen.

Contractbook is remote-first, and we value the benefits that come from flexible work hours. Our team is free to choose when and where they work, as long as effective communication with the rest of the team is maintained. Everyone is also welcome at our office in Copenhagen. We support each other and collaborate to perform like a sports team. That means we have a flat structure and trust everyone to self-organize their own work. We share our knowledge and value clear, straightforward communication across the entire organization, use cutting-edge technology to enhance our performance, test recent trends, and let people pick the tools they prefer to work with.

You can find out more about the company culture.


Qualities of a perfect candidate:

  • Eager to learn and do research.
  • Practical experience with modern web (SPA, PWA) apps’ architectures.
  • Practical experience with modern REST-ful APIs’ architectures.
  • Comfortable working both: front-end and back-end.
  • Has experience with our particular stack, being React, Redux, and Elixir, but experience with other similar technologies and being a quick learner will do, too.
  • Understands modern approaches to code quality, various types of automated tests, CI/CD etc.
  • Pragmatic, mature approach: applying adequate solutions to real problems.
  • Result oriented.
  • Manages own time.
  • Feels comfortable working in a very collaborative team setup.
  • Feels comfortable about taking leadership of projects and technical initiatives.
  • Speaks and writes fluent english.

Our development teams are meant to be harmonic groups of unselfish team players. There's no place for brilliant jerks, even if it means that we miss out on some talented people. Essential for us is fitting into our culture, showing openness, open-mindedness, ambition and motivation. In return, we facilitate an environment of learning, growth, networking, and opportunities boosting your career.


We are a stable business as well as a fast-pacing and rapidly growing startup, backed by Google’s AI-fund Gradient Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Tiger Global. Everyone at Contractbook can:

  • learn from experts and become one,
  • take ownership of projects and lead a team in the future,
  • meet fantastic people in an international environment,
  • attend conferences, meetups, and workshops,
  • take courses and certifications,
  • explore career paths,
  • contribute to open source software,
  • be part of a fast-pacing and well funded business,
  • work from home.

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