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September 23, 2020

Legal Tech Academy presents: Frank Pasquale

On September 30th, The Legal Tech Academy will host its third event. This time we have invited the acclaimed author, Frank Pasquale, to present and discuss his new book New Laws of Robotics. We are genuinely thrilled to have the chance to host an event with such a figure like Pasquale. He is Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, author to The Black Box Society and a contributor to media like the Atlantic, New York Times and The Guardian.

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In the discussion, we have also invited Niels Chr. Ellegaard who last year wrote Robots Entering the Legal Profession and Jacob Livingston Slosser from the University of Copenhagen who is an expert on algorithmic decision making in law. Together they will explore the impact of AI in the future of work broadly – and the legal industry more specifically.

How can we harness AI to our benefit? How far should AI be entrusted to assume tasks once performed by humans? How can we regulate it?

That is what we are going to find out!

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