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February 24, 2020

Legal Tech Weekly in English!

Legal Tech Weekly in English!
Mikkel Boris
Director of PR & Communication
Legal Tech Weekly in English!

Legal Tech Weekly in English! 

Legal Tech Weekly has received a lot of positive feedback since we launched, and we are really happy that it has been possible to gather such a big readership for a blog about legal tech in Denmark in such a short time. 

Nevertheless, we feel that a Nordic perspective on legal tech is missing internationally. The Nordic countries are known for their sustainability, responsibility, and trust-worthiness - something that the tech industry is lagging and something that is particularly important when dealing with legal issues. For this reason, Legal Tech Weekly will be published in English in the future. 

The content will be more or less in the usual style but we will introduce more original content by featuring interviews and portraits of key players in the legal tech industry; both legal professionals and tech providers. 

We hope that you will stick around despite the new international outlook! 

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