Save up to 1.5h per contract through automated workflows

Replace routine tasks with automated flows

Two-way data sync between your favorite apps

One place to create, track, eSign, and organize your contracts

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Trusted by 5000+ companies

Get rid of routine work

Track the status of your contracts, and automate tasks or reminders. Stay on top of any renewals, upsells, and pricing adjustments.

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Create, track, eSign and organize contracts in a single workflow

Create contracts using our native editor or 150+ free contract templates.

Auto-generate docs by answering a simple questionnaire or use your own templates. Contractbook is the fastest and easiest way to create a new contract.

Spend less time on paperwork

Ensure legal compliance

Quickly update/amend pre-existing contracts

Work together with your team or invite external guests to review, comment, and approve your work in one place.

Negotiate contracts everybody can agree on directly on the platform.

Get approved faster, without the need to juggle between messaging tools & e-mails

Keep your approval flow safe & secure

Ensure transparency & compliance through storing the approval history

Sign your contracts directly in the cloud, without the need to juggle with PDFs.

Our eSignature is legally binding in all western markets, including the US, EU, UK, and Australia.

Get your contracts signed faster—sales agreements, employment contracts—you name it

Add as many signees as you want and manage the signing order easily

Organize all your contracts in one place.

Keep all your contracts in a single, secure, and structured repository to get a complete overview of all your contracts.

Reduce the legal chaos by storing all your documents in one place

Ensure security of contract data through a granular level of access

Make it easier to access contracts by creating dedicated folders—or automatically push them to Google Drive after signing

Build self-executing contracts at scale.

Connect to your favorite apps and data sources (HubSpot, Salesforce, Billing, or HR tools), to build self-executing contracts.

Send the data back whenever your contract is signed, to keep all your data points in sync.

Reduce time spend on repetitive tasks

Scale the legal flow with a simple drag & drop builder

Connect all your data points to get on top of your operational data

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The entire platform looks and feels very intuitive, basically the smoothest UI in the industry...



For an optimized contract management process across the company.

10 seats included & Unlimited contracts

From draft to execution: Great templates and a simple editor

Data-enabled automation workflows for your teams

Seamless collaboration and negotiation

Single-Click, 2-Factor Verification, and Wet Signatures

Put powerful Add-ons on top of your Foundation:

Sales Add-On


Grow your business with an add-on tailored for modern sales teams. Automate routine tasks, so you can focus on building relationships, closing deals and hitting gongs.

HR Add-on


Connect Contractbook with your HR-tools to ensure a smooth and automated workflow. Spend more time connecting with your team

Compliance Add-On


Strengthen and scale your compliance efforts with Contractbook’s Compliance Add-on. Automate your legal obligations to get high compliance with low effort.

Operations Add-On


Scale your business with Contractbook’s tailored Operations Add-on that ensures smooth and streamlined dataflow across your business.

Think beyond digital signature. Dedicated pricing bundles for different departments of your company

“Contractbook saves us 45 minutes of work per contract”

Isabelle de Geus

Co-working Coordinator

“Contract automation reduces our costs by 25%.”

Lennart Fenger

Founder and Managing Director @ Dreivers

“We miss 0% of our deals, save 80% of our time, and our contracts are 100% correct.”

Christian Toft Bach

CMO @ Mutebox

97 NPS score
75+ countries
Trusted by 5000+ companies

For everyone in your business

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Get your legal work streamlined, automated, and under control.

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Sales Team

Improve your revenue growth with a faster sales contract workflow.

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Operations Team

Put HR contracts on autopilot so you can focus on the people.

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Compliance Team

Grow your business with an automated contract workflow.

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