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Our vision

The legal industry is in the midst of a comprehensive technological transformation. There is constantly news from the legal tech front but it can be hard to keep up with because of all the noise on the line. On the one hand, you can find news about revolution and disruption on a daily basis. On the other, every day seems exactly like the previous one. 

With Legal Tech Weekly, we take a step back to give you overview, insight, and perspective on the exiting development. We engage in the most heated debates, explain the latest technologies, condense the latest reports and deliver information about the most important news so you are always updated in the technology & law intersection. Once a week, we will gather all of this and deliver an organized overview in a weekly newsletter. 

We strive to cover all angles but we also admit that we see great potential in the new technologies. Yet, we also understand that legal certainty is a prerequisite for sustainable innovation; the law must function as a stabilizing bastion in an accelerating world. We know you are too busy for empty buzzwords. That is why we try to condense the topics and deliver the articles in a well-written and straightforward format, but with access to the sources, so you can always continue your read should you find a topic specifically interesting. 

We hope you like it!

Niels Martin Brochner, CEO in Contractbook

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