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Keep your data in sync across your tech stack and streamline your contract process with our no-code automation builder — all through the power of data fields.

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Generate smarter sales contracts

Create error-proof drafts from Salesforce, Pipedrive, or HubSpot and sync data back once signed, letting your sales team focus on what they do best — selling.


Automated hiring and onboarding

Connect your ATS, HRIS, and payroll tools to set your people team up for success with a smooth hiring process.


Get things done on autopilot

Put standardized contracts like NDAs and DPAs on auto-pilot with zero engagement from your side.


One less task on
your to-do list

Auto-generate pre-filled invoices in tools like QuickBooks once a contract crosses the finish line.


Stay updated wherever you are

Maintain a clear data overview of past and third-party contracts with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated metadata values.

API & Webhooks

Be the driver

Build custom connections and workflows that suit your needs with our contract automation software.

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game to the next level

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Gone are the days of that renewal, expiry or deadline slipping by. Set tasks in a few clicks and save yourself the headache.

“Contractbook has helped us scale internationally”

“Contractbook has helped us scale internationally. The way Contractbook can integrate with other systems makes it super simple for us.”

Julie Højmark
Head of Operations @ LuggageHero

"Contractbook has helped us automate a lot of the manual tasks”

"Contractbook has helped us automate a lot of the manual tasks related to onboarding of new employees. Employment agreements are auto-generated, and the data is automatically pushed to the right sources so we don't have to copy/paste. This workflow is super scalable and has saved us days of work accumulated."

Jakob Kristiansen
Founder @ BURD

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