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Increase your bottom line by up to 15% with digital and effective contract management

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Contractbook enables finance departments to enforce compliance throughout the organization with centralized control, while at the same time easily administrating each and every contract down to the very last deliverable.

Why is it better? 

Increase bottomline

Never miss a deadline, only spend ressources on the necessary contracts and increase your bottom line.


Gather and centralise all sales, purchase and legal contracts in one solution.

Resource allocation

Use data from contracts to analyze, report, control and manage all contracts and contracting processes.

Mitigate risks

Get instant notifications when contracts are nearing termination/renegotiating deadline.

With some companies having more than 90% of their yearly revenue locked in contracts, it should be a key priority to digitize, in order to maximize the value of each and every contract. Leverage Contractbook, and transform your dusty PDF contracts, to a profit center for your business.

About Contractbook's team

As a paying user on Contractbook you’ll experience our world class support and customer care. We make sure to allocate a Customer Success Manager to your account who will take you through an onboarding journey and make sure that you are set up in the best possible way to achieve the value that you desire.

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