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Shorten contract development time by 40%, time to signature by 72% and increase transparency in your operations

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With the Contractbook SaaS platform, your operations will do contracting quicker, smoother and more transparent than ever before. With easy collaboration and permission management, digital signature and contract lifecycle management features, your contract administration will be swift, efficient and transparent.

All contract development in one place, all signatures directly on the platform, easy structuring and administration of Contracts.
A contract management platform suited for the future.

Why is it better?

Lowered resource allocation

Automate and streamline contract creation across the entire organisation and increase contract efficiency

Central control

Ensure the entire team is working in the latest versions and compliant contracts

Enforce compliance

Internal/external collaboration across departments with different roles to create the final contracts

Profit from contracts

Automate reminders to stay on top of all important tasks regarding contracts and never miss an important date again

About Contractbook Team

As a paying user on Contractbook you will experience our world class support and customer care. We make sure to allocate a Customer Success Manager to your account who will take you through an onboarding journey and make sure that you are set up in the best possible way to achieve the value that you desire

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